10 Quirky London Restaurants to Visit During Your Visit

London has earned a reputation as one of the foodie capitals of the world. This is due to the sheer variety and quality of restaurants throughout the city, some of which are featured in our list below.

Glass Room

Victoria Embankment

A floating bar which sails along the Thames, Glass Room also offers a seasonal menu of dishes which changes with the seasons for the perfect upscale experience. If you want to see the sights while you dine, then this is a fantastic option for your dinner in London.

There is so much to see in the city, and often far too little time to catch it all – but at Glass Room you will pass some of the major landmarks in comfort and style.

Shuang Shuang

Shaftesbury Avenue

On the surface, there’s nothing particularly quirky about this restaurant. It serves delicious Chinese food, and many of the dishes are just as healthy as they are tasty. However, it is the DIY element which helps to make Shuang Shuang a worthy addition to our list.

Here you can create your own selection of dishes by choosing from a menu of Chinese classics and picking and choosing whatever you want. For people who can’t quite decide what they want to eat – or simply want to sample a wide selection – this is a fantastic place to try.

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium


Based in Shoreditch, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium is the first cat cafe in London, and has already won fans from around the globe. You need to book in advance here, but it is certainly worth the added effort.

The cats in residence provide fantastic companions to everything from a light lunch to a cup of tea. There is also a gift shop on-site, which will help you pick up a few mementos of your visit to this feline-friendly eatery.

Milk Train Cafe

Covent Garden

Ice cream fans are sure to find lots to enjoy at this Covent Garden space, one of the best – and strangest – restaurants near The Arch. It takes the concept of an ice cream parlour and effectively turns it on its head, bringing some added flair to a tried and tested crowd-pleaser.

The concept itself was created in Taiwan, and sees ice creams get a major quirky makeover which will see you grabbing for your camera while dining here.

The White Haus

Farington & Smithfield

The White Haus takes inspiration from the world of skiing, and this is evident all around when you visit while staying at your hotel in Marble Arch. The venue has been decorated with cosy rustic touches, which even include a cable car and vintage cuckoo clocks.

If you want to bring the Alps to London, then this is a fantastic place to experience a taster of the jet-setting foodie side of the ski lifestyle, without having to leave the city. The White House is also one of the more unusual eateries in the UK capital, but its menu is filled with delicious fare like lasagne, pizza and cheese fondue.



Inamo brings a high-tech style of dining to the city, with digital menus which provide plenty of novelty for diners of all ages, but have proven a particular hit with kids. You can also make other customisations during your visit.

These include the chance to adjust the restaurant playlist from your table, or book a taxi back to your hotel without any added fuss. Dishes are primarily Asian-inspired, with yummy chilli tofu a major highlight.



From the outside, this Shoreditch space looks much like any other trendy eatery in the local area. However, once you go to pay you’ll soon discover the venue runs on quite a different model.

Instead of paying for dishes, you pay for the time you’ve spent at Ziferblat, a concept inspired by Russian community cafes. Discussions are strongly encouraged, and you can pick up a timer at the counter to keep track of the cost.

In addition to this unusual way to dine, you’ll be able to enjoy an array of fantastic entertainment during your visit, including everything from meetings for writers to game nights.



Restaurants don’t really get much more quirky than this one, with its waterproofed dining area and the encouragement from management that patrons have fun with their food.

The venue includes water pistols and has a zero-tolerance policy on ‘small talk’ – ensuring you’ll have to be on your best behaviour in at least one respect. The menu is as unusual as you might expect, with dishes such as tempura squid with ketchup created by the resident head chef.



Sketch is a haven for fans of the colour pink, with some of the zaniest décor of any London restaurant. The venue offers much more than a great place to enjoy a meal, hosting regular exhibitions throughout the year and championing the latest and greatest artistic talent.

There are many unique details to the restaurant which make it fantastic for anyone who wants to take some quirky photos during their stay at a spa hotel in London, but the menu is also just as eclectic and appealing as the venue itself.

Tiroler Hut


At few other London locations will you be so likely to hear yodelling, but here at the Tiroler Hut the venue has brought Austria to the UK capital.

The space is welcoming and just quirky enough to make for plenty of laughs, with schnitzel, fondue and strudels all on the menu and a décor which is likely to make you feel like you’ve stepped into the Sound of Music.

There are plenty of reasons to head here if you’re in a party mood, including the popular entertainment options, which include a Tirolean cowbell show.

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