Ways to make your London trip truly memorable

Holidays, vacations and any kind of travels always brings a feeling of happiness and excitement. And if that trip or holiday is in London then it becomes even more fun and exciting.

Whether you a travelling with family, with friends, your loved one for a romantic getaway or even for work, London can provide several things to do, experience and enjoy. Some useful ways and tips mentioned in this blog will help you make your trip more fun, exiting and more memorable.

For a great trip, it is essential that you choose the most ideal hotel for your stay. Most of the attractions, gigs, parks and eateries and other experiences take place in the central part of the city. It is therefore a good idea to book a hotel in the central part of London. This allows to you stay close to all the things you want to do, have great connectivity to explore parts of London and there is great connectivity from London airports. You are close to shops, the transport and most importantly the London buzz.

The Montcalm London Marble Arch is one fine hotel, located in the heart of the city that ticks all the above mentioned good to haves. Plus, the hotel provides unmatched luxury and comfort for all kinds of visitors. From elegant rooms to great facilities, staying in this hotel will only add precious memories to your trip.

To make your trip more memorable, you can do the following:

Enjoy the free things:

London is one of the busiest cities and is also one of the most sought-after travel destinations. But still this city offers several free things to do for its tourists and locals. Whether you are on a budget or not, here you can enjoy the beauty of massive royal parks that are in the heart of the city. Then you enjoy the best London museums that are also free for public viewing throughout the year. You can even enjoy free walks that take place almost at all prime London locations. Exploring the city with kids can be overwhelming and that’s why all kids under the age of 5 travel for free. This will make your trip truly memorable. Some of the best hotel rooms in London also offer free things and services when you book a stay with them.

London shopping

This city is also a favourite amongst shopping enthusiasts from around the world. For years London shopping has been the most sough-after all over the world. This city is home to the iconic Oxford Street that is Europe’s biggest shopping street. From high street brands to international luxury brands, you will find great stuff for shopping here. From food, homeware, fashion, gadgets and accessories, it offers anything and everything you are looking for. Other than Oxford street, you can shop at the Regent’s Street, Carnaby Street, Selfridges, Harrods, the Westfields malls and more. For street shopping London offers several markets that take place almost every week if not every day.

London food and drinks:

London is also famous for its many popular restaurants and cuisines. The city offers everything from fresh produce, street market food, Michelin star restaurants and pubs, bars and cafes that offer a range to please every palate and taste. You can enjoy a great breakfast at Hyde Park London.

London West End

London is also one of the few cities that is famous for its theatre, some of which run throughout the year. From Lion King to Matilda to other famous theatres like wicked can be experienced here. You will be delighted by the West End theatre experience in the heart of London city and that will make your stay here truly memorable.

London Markets

London has successfully maintained the culture of the market culture all over the city. There are markets that are open every day or every week throughout the year. Here you will find markets that are famous for food, clothing, accessories, bags, food, antiques, fresh produce and more. Some of the popular markets famous here are Portobello market, Borough Market, Camden Market, Spitalfields market and more.

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