8 Things to Gift Business Travellers This Year

Business travellers spend so much time between the Montcalm hotel London and Oxford Street hotels, yet they rarely get to make the most of the shopping facilities because they are so busy dashing from meeting to conference and networking event. So, it seems only fair that you buy them the sort of things that will make that process as pleasant as possible.

Here are 8 things to gift business travellers this year with one, two, or three of these sure to put a smile on even the most stressed travellers.

Marble Arch Spa Package 

There are a lot of stresses in the average business traveller’s life, so why not buy them something that can really help them unwind and relax? Any of the Montcalm spa packages will do the trick – they will leave the treatment rooms not only feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the challenges ahead, but also grateful to you for gifting something that you know will really make a difference to their lifestyle… rather than just another pair of kitsch socks!

Lush hamper

While a Montcalm spa package is indisputably an excellent gift for a stressed traveller, it is sometimes impractical if that stress is owing to their busy schedule. It is one thing giving them the much-needed break they need on their travels, and it is just a waste to give it as a gift while they are in London if they aren’t going to get the chance to use it – especially for travellers who aren’t based in the city. So, why not gift them something that allows them to take the relaxation home with them to use on their own time? Head to Lush,  the inventors of bath bombs and bath art. Smell your way around the lush products on offer at Lush and buy your travelling buddy some delightful bath equipment which they can use at their leisure when they finally get a moment to themselves in their busy working schedule.

Portable charger 

If there is one thing a business traveller doesn’t have a lot of it is free time. Therefore, charging their devices is a top priority and yet something that can be hard to do. Buy your business-travelling loved ones a portable charger and make sure they are never disconnected, even when they are in back-to-back meetings and calls. You get big clunky portable chargers which can charge multiple devices. However, this isn’t really practical for someone who doesn’t want to travel with too much stuff. Instead, buy them a pocket-sized charger, one like those sold by the likes of Samsung and Belkin, which they can keep in their pocket or bag while they dash to and from their important business appointments.

Engraved pen 

If there is one thing every successful business-person needs, even in the digital age, it is a special pen – though this hasn’t been written in scripture as of yet, it is pretty much a golden unspoken rule. Though there are a number of shops and outlets which will sell you pens, as well as plenty of engravers that will put your loved one’s name and a sentimental message along the side, Mont Blanc is the height of upscale luxury when it comes to engraving and quality.

So, if you are looking for a wow-gift for business travellers, look no further than the Mont Blanc outlet on Bond Street. All you need to do is write the message.

Moleskine diary 

Though a diary seems like an obvious gift for a business traveller, a Moleskine diary is hardly your everyday notebook. Moleskine is a paper manufacturer and product designer from Italy, founded in 1997 by Francesco Franceschi and is the absolute pinnacle of notebooks, planners, sketchbooks, leather backpacks, journals… basically, anything that can be written in. While the average business-person is likely almost entirely digital at this stage, everyone still needs a small notebook to keep with them for that once in a blue moon occasions when there is no wifi signal or they need to jot something down whilst on the phone.

Noise cancelling headphones 

A business traveller will likely find themselves in busy, distracting places like airports or train stations with a lot to do. It can be very hard to focus in these situations, so giving them a set of noise cancelling headphones may just be the gift that keeps on giving… and keeps them sane on their trips. There are a number of excellent products on the market, though some of the best can be found from brands like Bose, Sony and B&W. You can find these brands in stores like John Lewis, Currys and Argos. Better yet, buy them a set that is wireless and make their life just that little bit simpler.

Extra long charging cable 

Have you ever been in a hotel room where the nearest plug point is too far from your bed to reach? Using devices in bed can be critical on a business trip, and yet the prospect of crouching next to the wall is not really what anyone has in mind when checking their emails before bed. Buy an extra-long phone charger so that no matter where your business travelling nearest and dearest are, they can sit back on a plump pillow and scroll through what they have missed during the busy day.

Passport holder 

When choosing a gift for a traveller, you have got to think about what they are using most and, in a lot of cases, their passport is definitely one of those things. (Second only to their hotel loyalty points here at The Montcalm!)

Buy them a beautiful leather passport holder that acts almost like a travel wallet, or a bright and colourful one which reminds them that even when travelling and being serious, a little silliness and jovial spirit is always welcome. Whether you pick a luxury holder from Moleskine or a floral one from Cath Kitson, there are plenty of options.

A business traveller may seem like a tough person to buy for, given that a lot of the time, they will buy themselves what they need – or the company credit card covers it. However, these items will be absolute life-savers for anyone who travels a lot for work and will elevate you to the position of gift-giving expert.

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