Best Attractions for the Savvy London Visitor

You won’t see all of London in a single lifetime. There’s simply too much to see and do, and every visitor has different goals in mind for potential locations and experiences. What’s clear however is that there exist in this beautiful city a handful of experiences that every tourist or local simply must experience, as they form part of the core experience of London. Here are 10 of the attractions we think are vital components to a visit to the UK capital.

The Shard

Finally completed in 2012, London’s Shard has become the city’s most prominent skyscraper. Over 300 metres tall, this 95-floor behemoth contains all sorts of luxuries such as; the best view in London, the most elevated restaurant and bar in London, and the sky-high Shangri-La hotel, in which all rooms come with binoculars!

Victoria & Albert Museum

V&A Museum opened in 1852 to nationwide reverence, and has ever since been hailed as a triumphant meeting point in culture and design. It’s the biggest museum of its kind in the world, and now hosts late evenings on Fridays where bartenders and DJs shape the course of the evening, replacing the unmissable exhibitions that take place during the day.

The Science Museum

London’s Science Museum may not be as popular as the environing museums; V&A and Natural History Museum – but it’s a fantastically novel place in its own right, with plenty of dynamic installations to see and interact with. The place has traditionally been geared to younger audiences, but should be rewarded for expanding its audience in recent years with more adult-oriented exhibitions and evening events.

Portobello Road

Nestled nicely between Ladbroke Grove and Notting Hill, Portobello road is one of the world’s most famous antique markets. There are plenty of wares and trinkets to find here, so come equipped with cash and a carrier bag!

Royal Albert Hall

Make no mistake: the Royal Albert Hall is one of the greatest performing spaces in the world. Hosting performances written by musical masters from the likes of Mozart and Haydn, this 200+ metre dome-shaped space is a sight to behold from just about any angle. Proms occur every summer; they’re excellent classical performances that are relatively cheap to attend, and can include a glass of champagne to boot!

Westminster Abbey

Completed in 960, Westminster Abbey has since served as an opulent resting place for society’s most prestigious visionaries. Sir Isaac Newton, Ben Jonson, and Alfred Tennyson all occupy a grave here, amongst other prominent members of British society and royalty. When you’re finished, why not explore some London Hotels Special Offers for your stay, like those at nearby The Marble Arch by Montcalm London?

Alexandra Palace

Though it’s hidden away just a little bit further North than most London visitors will aim to venture, Alexandra Palace is steeped in history and is a great spot to enjoy the sun. It also doubles as a concert venue, so don’t be surprised if the rave you’re attending over the weekend is taking place inside these lush walls.

Leake Street

It’s hard to pin down exactly what Leake Street is supposed to be. It’s an incredible tunnel-canvas/theatre space/commuter footpath conglomerate, which results in an effect that’s somehow splendorous and pleasing to the eye. You’ll find works from high-profile graffiti artists as well as exciting street performances, so it’s a must-see for those who ever find themselves near Waterloo station.

The Hayward Gallery

Unfortunately for The Hayward Gallery, it happens to be surrounded by the incredibly popular Tate Modern and Victoria & Albert Museum. These venues are more like its siblings than its parents, however, because the gallery contains plenty of dazzling exhibitions and displays of its own. It’s the perfect complementary experience to your Southbank trip.

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