The best Winter and New Year Cultural Events

The winter is a beautiful season for romantics, children, and maybe even the regular person. The favouring of the winter months is often something that’s entirely individual. Either way, the city of London seems to open up a whole new series of attractions to this period – that cater to the international traveller looking for some winter fun. After all, who says you should only enjoy yourself in the summer? In fact, booking a holiday for the start of the year might be one of the best ways to make sure you start the year on the right note. With the Marble Arch London Hotel, you can enjoy a winter stay in the New Year and experience all of the delights here. They include Winter Wonderland, as well as the several ice rinks in the city. These include Somerset House, Broadgate Ice Rink, and Ice Rink Canary Wharf.  And with the hotels near Oxford Street you can get an exclusive deal that helps you take full advantage of the city during this New Year. After the height of the Christmas season, flight costs thankfully slowly drop back to standard rates – so that’s an extra incentive for you there too. Culturally, the city of London is one of the most eclectic in Europe – with more than 100 nationalities composing the population’s different backgrounds. Naturally, a diverse range of restaurants and festivities can be found here. For instance, the city has a dozen Diwali events, celebrates Chinese New Year in Piccadilly Circus, among several other examples. By that sense, the city very much typifies a melting of cultures – which makes it even more welcoming for new travellers. Likely, if you’ve never visited before, you probably won’t feel out of place considering some tourists here. Some of the January events worth discovering in the city include the London International Mime Festival, Virtually Real, and Escaped alone. Book your stay in this season, and experience it all. For more information about these events, consider using one of the several London tour guide apps available.

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