Comparing Edinburgh and London

London no doubt brings many things to mind. Perhaps those things include the Big Ben; tourists in abundance; and luxury hotels. On the other hand, Edinburgh seems a little more esoteric in nature – simply because it just doesn’t have the reputation that the capital does. So how do these two cities compare? We’ll be taking a look at the similarities and differences between each city so that we can better determine whether a visit to Edinburgh will be right for you during your visit to the UK. Most likely, you already have your sets sight on visiting London.

After all, with the London Hotels Special Offers, it’s becoming increasingly attractive to book a stay in the city. The Marble Arch by Montcalm London is a fantastic example of accommodation that manages to sway in tourists from all over the world. One of the reasons many travellers visit here is because of the theatre. But believe it or not, Edinburgh is perhaps more specifically renowned around the world for its show, largely in part because of the Fringe Festival – which takes place every August. Other than, the famous Lyceum here also supports a great theatre experience.

While Edinburgh may be small compared to London, the famous Princes Street delightfully provides visitors with a range of shopping avenues. Besides, several major hotels can be found here, close to the Old Town and George Street. Compared to Oxford Circus, it provides visitors with more of an intimate and relaxed shopping experience.

Where London may have Primrose Hill, Edinburgh has Arthur’s seats, which is a hill that gives all residents and visitors alike a view of the landscape. It also features an lovely nature walk and is one of the highest points in the city – providing gorgeous views of the country, city, and ocean. In comparison to Primrose Hill, it beats it by far.  

We hope the points shared about Edinburgh in this article help you make the right choice in regards to choosing to visit this lovely town. Book your stay in London, but also be sure to consider visiting Scotland – you won’t regret it.

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