Discover a unique Halloween experience at the London Canal Museum

The London Canal Museum is an unusual attraction that offers visitors a broad insight into the fascinating history of the capital’s canals. You’ll learn about the cargoes carried across the pathways over the centuries, the horses that pulled their boats and the engineering behind the vast amount of narrowboat cabins – that have been a mainstay in the city for the last couple of decades. And when you consider how vital these canals have been for the city, it’s something worth looking into.

Not only will you learn about the way these marvels of design have been built, you’ll also learn about the lives of the workers and how canals work. Found in King’s Cross, an accessible central location, it should be easy to make time for the London Canal Museum if you decide to reside in the core vicinity of the capital. Consider The Marble Arch Hotel London Oxford Street – close to the premiere shopping destination in the Europe. King’s Cross is just a 35mins walk away, or 12 mins’ tube ride from the hotel – where you can find the London Canal Museum – specifically on 12-13 New Wharf Road, N1 9RT.

This October 29th-30th 2016, a couple of days before Halloween, the London Canal Museum will be having a special Halloween theme. During the dates mentioned, the museum will be offering guests an extravaganza of ghosts, screams, decorations, story-telling, and boat trips on the board decorated hotels. There are about three boat rides n hour starting at 3 pm, with the last one departing at 9 pm.

Face-painting will also be available between 5-9pm. You might be more scared than you anticipate on your ride here – after all, you’ll be going through a 193-year-old tunnel. The event, however, is strictly for families, so you might want to look elsewhere if you’re looking for a single daytime Halloween experience.

If you’re not travelling to London with a group, then you can mark the day by experiencing ‘’Haunted at the Medieval Banquet’ or a visit to the London Dungeon. Book your stay in London this October, and discover an authentic Halloween experience – you’ll be delighted by what lies ahead!

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