Experience London: The Luxurious Way

London is the capital of England. It is one of the leading cities of the world. With its very large area, London is the home of a number of heritage sites, which are maintained well and are highly populated by tourists. The rich art and architecture of various stages of history are preserved in these sites. The beautiful river Thames graces the plains of London. It flows below the august London Bridge and this view has inspired writers, painters and architects from all over the globe. Draped in sky scrapers and buildings constructed in various areas, London is the home of some of the world’s greatest museums, movie theatres and heritage sites like the Big Ben, the Tower of London and others. So if one wants to enjoy a luxury vacation, London is perhaps one of the best places for it. Well connected by road and air, London boasts of five major airports. The hotels of London have international reputation and are always adapting themselves to the growing demands of tourists. London offers a large number of hotels, restaurants to choose from and a huge number of sites to visit and enjoy along with the wide network of flights. Hence, making a luxury travel plan is not that easy. One needs to chalk out a detailed plan if one wants to enjoy all the comforts and get the best of everything. There are a few major areas one needs to look at while planning a luxury travel plan to London.

London Skyscrapers
To begin with, one must know why he or she wants to visit. A luxury trip might include celebration of a family event, like a marriage ceremony or perhaps a birthday. One can also go for a luxury trip with family and it might not include any event. If the luxury trip includes a family event, one will have to plan the trip according to the dates and if there is no event, then the dates become flexible and one can easily adjust the travel plans accordingly.

A luxury trip which is well planned includes a very detailed document of the course of the travel. With the growth of a large number of aeroplane companies, travelling to London has become very easy. One can directly book a flight or purchase air miles. Purchasing of air miles comes with a lot of advantages. A luxury trip to London is simply incomplete without a travel by the business class. Air miles come with a lot of offers and rewards which might even reduce the price of the business class. Flight in the business class starts the journey of the luxury trip to London.

Once the air miles are purchased, next comes how much distance should be covered in the luxury trip. This is one of the important details which need attention. While sightseeing is an integral part of the itinerary, a relaxation by taking a river cruise with availability of spa is one of the core things which need to be done in a luxury trip. London offers such an array of getting refreshed. Hence, this is one point which should be carefully planned.

The Marble Arch Hotel London Oxford Street is one of the best places in London which offer an exclusive luxury accommodation. Well furnished, the whole architecture gives an elitist feeling. Free services include free wifi, breakfast, room services and fitness centre. Apart from these, there are other services which add a feel good feeling to the well planned luxury trip. The service of spa is one of these spices. What else can be a better way to relax? This is the perfect place to stay during the trip. The location is also very advantageous when it comes to the visiting the sites. Hence, it deserves to be a part of the luxury trip to London.

Finding out the estimate cost is one of the key features one should consider while making the perfect luxury trip to London. While calculating the cost, one should include the charges of travel by flight, accommodation in hotel, charges of travel agents and restaurants. Once this calculation is done, one gets an idea of the upcoming luxury trip.

Booking hotels and restaurants is one of the pivotal factors in planning the luxury trip. One can book hotels by directly visiting the website of the hotel or one can give the job to a travel agent. If one books hotels directly, then he or she has to do the homework by himself or herself and hence, can book exactly what one wants. Travel agents on the other hand have a better idea of the quality of the services offer and say which service is the better option to choose from. However, if one books by travel agent, one will have to pay more for the services offered by the travel agent itself. The reason booking is crucial because these luxury hotels and restaurants have limited seats. So, one should be smart enough to book in advance before the trip in order to avail the best of the services. Along with hotels, booking of restaurants should be well included in the travel plan as well. London is filled with amazing restaurants who offer an array of delectable dishes with a majestic ambience. So, one must not miss out the restaurants too if one plans to enjoy the trip.

Having an in depth knowledge about the tours and excursions is essential when one is planning a luxury trip to London. London is filled with a huge number of heritage sites and there is a wide range of tour to choose. Choosing a tour depends completely on one’s personal choice and this choice varies from people to people. While some prefer to enjoy museums, some love river cruises. So, one must be well aware of the trips available.

A luxury trip is something one looks forward to. Hence, one should make the most of it and plan it accordingly well in advance. This will make the trip a very memorable one.

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