Five Great Ways to Survive a Long Haul Flight

We have all been there, haven’t we? Ten hours into a twenty flight, the space around you starting to blur and your back starting to ache. It can be an absolute nightmare enduring the endless hours trapped in a plane as you hurtle too slowly towards your final destination. Getting from your comfortable house to the marble arch hotel you are booked in to, will unfortunately mean hours of discomfort and bad food. It’s not so bad for infrequent flyers, but business travellers or experienced tourists know and dread the long haul flights. There isn’t any one solution that can magically make the experience wonderful, but a few handy tips can make it pretty bearable.

Laptops and Tablet

The advances in laptop and tablet technology in the past decade or so have been a genuine life saver when it comes to making it through long haul flights. There are few things more useful for distraction than a laptop or tablet. The hours will just fly buy if you load them up with an addictive TV show to marathon; a great chance to catch up on that great show you have been meaning to see for ages. Books and comics on your tablets or eReader can also help the time breeze by, but require a bit more concentration than television shows and movies. Depending on your devices and tastes, another useful option is to put some good time wasting games on your devices; anything to keep your mind off the uncomfortable chair you are sitting in.

Beauty Sleep

Of course, the best way to avoid the worst of a long haul flight is to spend all your time sleeping. You may wake up hazy and with a bit of a sore back, but at least it will all be over quicker. The downside is that it is fiendishly difficult to fall asleep on a plane, especially on a packed flight with small seats. Some people have the knack, and some don’t, although sleeping pills and the link can be a good option if you really want to get to sleep.

Stop Overs

This one is really down to personal preference. Some people prefer to stick with the longer flight and have to deal with less trouble in airports, and some people prefer shorter flights with the opportunity to stretch their legs in between. They both have their advantages, so really it is up to you and what you feel like you would prefer; a shorter overall experience, or an escape from the steel sky coffin mid-way through the trip.


What if, instead of just enduring your long flight, you were able to actually enjoy it? Upgrading from the terrors of economy class to the luxury and delights of business or first class is the perfect way to turn a hellish experience heavenly. More space, better food, comfier chairs; everything you could need to make your journey amazing.

Snacks and Hydration

Keeping yourself comfortably fed and hydrated is often quite challenging on a flight. Even though there are regular meals and you can request drinks at any time, most people don’t take advantage of this. Unfortunately airline security rules often mean you can’t bring full water bottles onto the plane, but you will benefit from bringing an empty bottle with you and topping it up once you can. Keeping healthily hydrated while on the flight will make your experience a lot more pleasant. Snacks are less essential, but they can definitely make your time more enjoyable as you watch your films and wait for the hours to gradually pass by.

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