Great Days Out In London This September

Visiting London can leave you feeling overwhelmed and lost in a sea of great days out. Even if you’re staying at a five star hotel in London, you can still feel like there’s too much you’ve out on your agenda. Furthermore, visiting the city off season, that is after the height of the summer months can leave you having to look further afield too more niche days out. Even in September, you can see a dramatic drop in temperature, and more sporadic weather conditions, making days out in the open air a real gamble. Nevertheless, London plays host to some of its best events and exhibits during September. With art, history and culture abound, Septembers in London needn’t bring the dreary back to school feeling it is so often associated with.

What’s on at the Tate

 Both the Tate Modern and the Tate Britain are two of the most innovative art museums in the city. Not only are they home to some of the best in permanent exhibitions, displaying both British and international, contemporary and historical art works.

There are a wide range of exhibits coming up this September. At the Tate Britain you’ll be able to see “Aftermath: Art in the wake of World War One”, exploring European art after 1918. Another exhibit this September includes the unique “The Squash” by Anthea Hamilton. This piece explores performance art through the lens of improvisatory theatre and costume work, and can be found at the Tate Britain until the 8th of October.

What’s on at the National Theatre

 The National Theatre has an eclectic mix of theatre on this month, giving both families and mature audiences something to get excited about. With the Lehman Trilogy, a family saga following the banking family from their humble roots being directed by Oscar winning Sam Mendes, you’ll be in for a trio of biopic treats, whilst Antony and Cleopatra starring Ralph Fiennes and Sophie Okonedo, is bound to be one to remember.

Day festivals

London has a wide range of day festivals on offer this September. For those who are staying at hotels near Oxford street on 30th September, you can check out the Matsuri Festival in Trafalgar Square, where you’ll find a wide range of traditional Japanese celebrations in honour of the vibrant festival which takes place across the country. What’s more, the Open House weekend on 22nd to 23rd October gives you unique access to some of London’s most iconic buildings. With the BT Tower, the Royal Albert Hall and the Gherkin among the exclusive access buildings, this is a unique tourist draw you simply can’t miss.

Video games – Design/Play/Disrupt

The Victoria and Albert Museum is always unique in its output, especially when it comes to its scope of history, art and design, reaching an international audience and exploring the far reaches of the world in its exhibits. Design/Play/Disrupt is another unique exhibition at the V&A which explore the past, present and future of video games. With a specific focus on the potential video games and virtual reality have to change the world, this is one for the video game veterans and noobs alike. With specifically designed video games for the exhibition, alongside q and a’s with some of the top developers, this is an exhibit which only the unique and forward thinking V&A could have concocted.

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