Your Guide to the Best Times to Visit London

London is often seen as an ever-changing city. Part of the reason for this is that there is always something different to do here, and with accommodation tailored to your specific needs, even your pillow can be tailored to meet your preferences.

But, when it comes down to it, the “best” time to visit London is completely down to your reasons for visiting, personal interests and who you’re sharing the experience with. Hotels such as the Marble Arch Hotel London offer a great many deals and room options, ensuring that you get everything you want out of your stay.

Likewise, when it comes down to tourism in London, the subjective “best” time to visit is completely down to you. You may be an indoor person, love sporting activities, be an art fanatic or a budding botanist. Factoring in your interests alongside the best rates for your transport and accommodation should help you to gauge the best time for you to visit.

To help you find the time that best suits you, we’ve compiled a list of what to expect from the seasons in London as well as events and activities that are suited to the time of your visit. Whilst the Marble Arch Hotel Oxford Street provides luxury all year round, it’s up to you to make your London experience truly unique!


Spring in the city sees the trees and flowers bloom with colour and for visitors and hotel rooms in London can often be the best vantage point to watch the seasons change.

Of course, if you’d rather explore, the many royal parks and green spaces are also great bases to watch London fizz and burst with vibrancy. Before your eyes, you’ll see winter turn to spring as every borough becomes an outdoor haven for both locals and tourists alike.


Whilst the weather in London may only tickle the high teens, it’s still warm enough to spend prolonged periods outside. Whilst you may be graced with sunny spells during your stay, the city also hosts temperamental showers and the temperature is known to fluctuate.

This makes spring weather in London rather unpredictable, so it’s best to pack a raincoat!


With the sun rearing its head from the bleary winter months, you can expect to find a range of outdoor events taking place throughout the spring months. With St Patrick’s day being a big one for partying, there are many more wholesome and family-friendly events and traditions in London as well.


The London marathon takes advantage of the cooler weather and sees hundreds of thousands of amateur and professional runners take to the street for charity. The date is different every year but usually takes place somewhere between March and April. This year, the marathon was held on the 28th of April and next year it will be on the 26th.

Easter Holidays

You can expect to find a heavy flow of tourists during the Easter period. With the long weekend, you’ll find a wide range of Easter markets and events which are family-friendly and beautifully creative. Watch out for the Trafalgar Square reenactment of the Passion of Christ, a heartfelt and atmospheric rendition of the last days of Jesus, all performed in the centre of London.


Summer in London is one of the most popular seasons to visit. With (mostly) great weather, a beautiful array of events and a whole heap of tourism, the summer holidays can get very busy indeed. Make sure you book your travel in advance from June to September as airfare prices can skyrocket.


Whilst last summer saw a heatwave reaching the low 30’s, the average temperature in London is a little higher than the country average. During the summer, you can expect temperatures to rise to the mid-20s.


London is teeming with life during the summer months. With many garden parties, special events in public parks and open-air lidos full to the brim with visitors trying to keep cool, London in the summer is a truly unique experience.

Music Festivals

With day festivals popping up all over the boroughs of the city, you can also find world-famous events and music festivals such as British Summer Time, Proms in the Park, Lovebox Music Festival and many more hitting many of London’s favourite parks.

When it comes to the arts, there’s something for everyone in London’s great outdoors.

Sporting events

The Cricket World Cup is currently being held in the UK. Stretching into July, London venues such as Lord’s Cricket Ground and the Kia Oval are hosting some of the most riveting international games of the past four years.

Another one to watch out for in the first two weeks of July is the Wimbledon Tennis tournament. This famous annual tournament is one of the highlights of the year in London and attracts cricket enthusiasts and celebrities from all across the world.

With so many cricket and tennis enthusiasts looking to live the London high life this summer, you’ll need to book your London boutique hotels in advance.


Autumn in London brings events into warmer spaces. With arts and culture taking precedence over outdoor activities, the city is still incredibly easy to enjoy during the autumn months and is a little quieter, too.


Except for the occasional Indian Summer, London is often damp and cool between September and November. There are plenty of chances to go outside though, with many outdoor events taking place over Halloween at the end of October and Bonfire Night on the 5th of November.

London Film Festival

The London Film Festival takes place during the second half of October and is the city’s biggest, most glamorous film festival. With many celebrities hitting the red carpet in Leicester Square alongside hidden gems scattered throughout the cities many independent cinemas, the second half of October is the perfect time to visit for a tourist cinephile.


The Christmas period in London is straight out of a film.

Whilst the weather might be grey and cold, the wide range of events and general jovial attitude in the city means that you’ll never stay chilly for long. What’s more, the early sunsets give way to the glittering lights of the city, making for an atmospheric trip.


London winters often fall to around 5°C, sometimes even reaching the minuses. However, the festive lights and cheer in the city will more than warm the heart.

Winter Wonderland

One of the main attractions in London during the winter period is Winter Wonderland. This Hyde Park-based attraction offers up funfair rides, ice skating, and many a winter food stall.

With all of this in mind, visitors will enjoy London any time of year.

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