How to have fun in London

London is one of the top cities for fun and excitement. That explains why tourists come in droves throughout the year. The desire for novelty and the romanticism behind the capital encourages people from all over the globe to make the trip here. Now, it’s officially the most visited tourist destination in the world, with Paris and New York closely behind. If you want to get your adrenaline flowing, then this city has a range of activities and places worth visiting for you. Whether you’re visiting early this summer, or in late spring, or for New Year’s –London’s calendar is always brimming with events.

Once you’ve booked your accommodation in the Marble Hotel London or the hotels near Park Lane London, you’ll be in the best location to take full advantage of everything the city has to offer. All the excitement of London is packed into the central area of the city, so you’ll definitely want to settle on an accommodation in this area. Plus, most of the hotels found here are luxurious, opulent, and yet strangely affordable if you book in advance and look out for special deals.

Besides visiting venues such as the Big Ben, the River Thames and the London Eye we also recommend you visit the o2 Dome. Inside, you will find a range of shops, restaurants and the location by the South Bank of the River Thames has a nice feel to it. Although it’s somewhat still in Central London, you feel like you’re in a more relaxed, soothing environment. One of the experiences available at the o2 Dome is the: Climbing the o2 Dome. It offers you the chance to lurch up towards the circular viewing platform and get a thrilling panoramic view of the capital. The London Eye is a comparable experience in the sense that you get an aerial view of the city. But the experience here is more interactive, with a guided tour, and overview of all the sights within view. Plus it’s more of an active journey, as you climb up the dome with a harness. The experience lasts around half an hour.

Another exciting activity we would like you to consider is the Wakeboarding on the Royal docks. By taking the cable car across the River Thames from the Greenwich Peninsula, which is a short walk away from the o2 Dome, you’ll arrive right by the Victoria Dock. There you can wakeboard from the end of a zip line. It’s a truly fantastic experience, and one that often goes unnoticed by tourists. If you’d rather have a more comfortable, yet still exciting experience – then we suggest booking yourself a boat tour with the RIB Speed boats. They’ll take you from Westminster to Canary Wharf and the Thames Barrier and back. You can choose to take a 50 minute round trip tour, or a thrilling 20 minute blast around the o2 Dome. Another honourable mention is: Ice skating at Alexandra which is open year round! It’s found near Wood Green Underground station and is the perfect activity if you’re arriving in the city as a couple or family.

In conclusion, despite the weather not being extraordinary, there’s a ton of excitement waiting to be discovered in the city of London. The Mile End climbing wall is another fantastic example. We all have that part of ourselves that wants to do just more than sightsee. It’s one thing to explore, but it’s another thing entirely to experience. So many of us focus on exploring when we travel. But the real fun begins when we start to stretch our comfort zone as and embrace new challenges. New activities. Things we’ve never done before that we know we’ll enjoy but also find a little scary.

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