The Most Kid-Friendly Guide to London City

London is one of the few unique cities that offer something entertaining and interesting for all kinds of its visitors. Whether you are travelling for work, with friends, a romantic getaway or for a family holiday with kids and elders, London has something for anyone and everyone. The diversity, history and the forever buzzing vibe of the city makes it a great travel destination for one and all. Though London is known to be the city for the young professionals but you will be delightfully surprised to see the variety of fun and engaging activities and attractions the city offers for families to enjoy with their kids.

Tower Bridge

When travelling to London with kids, we suggest you plan your trip ahead of time to stress and have a fun-filled, smooth trip. Depending on the month you are planning your trip, you can check the events happening in that month that will keep your kids entertained. No matter which time of the year you decide to come to London, be assured you will find something fun to do with your kids.

When planning your trip, make sure you book a nice accommodation for yourself and your kids as trips can be tiring. London offers great 5 star hotels that are perfect to stay when visiting London.  The splendid facilities and amenities of the hotels will make your stay as comfortable as it can be.

Once your stay is booked, here’s a list places and experience you and your kids can indulge in for having a great family trip to London.


A number of museums in the city have collection, shows and events that your kids will truly enjoy and love. To name a few, you can take your kids Natural History Museum. Here you kids can experience the display where they show hoe baby dinosaurs were born. There is the British Museum, the London Transport Museum, the most loved by kids- science museum for its shows and events and many more. Make sure you book early to enjoy some good discounts, kid’s entry concession and also check out the many free museums London offers to its visitors. You can also take your kids to the London zoo, the sea life at the London Aquarium and the Shrek adventure.



London is known for its royal and lush green parks and the popular park culture in the city. On a good weather day you can plan a nice picnic with your kids in the park, do a barbecue, enjoy the ponds, do boating, eat at the park café, go for long walks, play games and have a truly relaxed time with your kids. Though London has beautiful parks in every corner, a famous few include the Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, Victoria Park and more.

London Parks


Not exactly for toddlers, but a bit grown up kids can enjoy the role playing as doctors, teachers, construction men and more in this fun area as they learn and indulge in interesting activities and jobs. You can enjoy a good coffee break while seeing your kids have a great time in this area. It’s a great way of making your kids learn to be responsible and do some chores.

London with kids

The Musicals

London’s West End musicals are famous all over the world and are a must-do for kids and adults alike. There are a number musicals playing all year through in London. Some of the musicals your kids will surely love are the Lion King, Matilda, Aladdin, Wicked or even the Thriller. Enjoy he experience and the happy faces of your kids as they watch their favourite musical.


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