London: Handy is on!

Starting out in Hong Kong and spreading throughout hotels in Asia, Tink Labs’ Handy smartphone service is now finally available in London at The Montcalm

Visitors to London from overseas, get ready, because the latest thing in the hotel world has arrived – and it could transform your stay in the UK capital. Whether you’re a business traveller or you’re coming to the city for leisure, your experience in this exciting mega metropolis at the heart of the Western world could be enhanced more than you thought possible by a leap forward for the hotel industry, making its debut at the fantastic Montcalm London Marble Arch hotel.

Originally rolled out by Hong Kong-based digital technology specialists Tink Labs in 2012 as a service for travellers in Hong Kong International Airport, then later made available to hotel guests in the city, the Handy smartphone service enabled them to remain connected with the digital world when their own handheld device, incapable of operating in a country far from home, isn’t up to the task.Following its initial foray into the hotel industry, Tink Labs then took its product to hotel visitors in Singapore, Macau and Istanbul. It’s believed the smartphones are now available in 20,000 hotel rooms across Hong Kong alone.

And a Handy smartphone, should they desire one, is now available to every guest at The Montcalm London – free of charge and for the duration of their stay. Each device enables its user to make local and international calls, use the Internet via 3G data and access all sorts of other features such as, yes, handy interactive maps, real-time traffic updates, and tips on and booking capability for restaurants and eateries throughout the city. Moreover, every guest can be assured that for their own security, all personal information and browsing history will be erased from the device they’ve used as soon as they check-out the hotel.

“Handy started as a bold idea to solve a travel problem but is now reshaping the tourism landscape and we are absolutely confident that Handy will soon be the must-have amenity for all international travellers”, says Terence Kwok, Founder and CEO of Tink Labs. “As the first hotel in London and Europe to provide the Handy smartphone services, The Montcalm London Marble Arch is setting a precedent in creating a hassle-free travel experience for all hotel guests. This is exciting!”

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