London’s Heritage Routemaster Buses – A Glorious Ride

Apart from buildings in London such as Buckingham Palace and people such as the royal guards who stand outside each day, few things can be said to be distinctly London more than the red double decker buses which are known by the name of routemaster buses. These buses run side by side their modern replacements, which are called the new bus for London.

These buses are there to be ridden on each day of the year with the exception of the day of Christmas. When a visitor to the city wishes to get across central London, no method to go about this can be said to be better than to take the route 15 routemaster bus. The bus starts each cycle from the iconic Trafalgar Square, which is a tribute to Lord Horatio Nelson. This is the stop to go to if a person would like to take a look at some great art and hence would like to go to the National Gallery.

Routemaster Bus and St Paul's CathedralFrom Trafalgar Square, the bus heads over to Aldwych and then onwards to Fleet Street. If a person who is travelling on the bus happens to not have got off to take a look at the sights of London around these stations, he or she would come to the very beautiful and historic St. Paul’s Cathedral. It can be said that if he or she makes the choice to get off at this bus stop to take a closer look at the cathedral, it would be a while before he or she gets on the way again as what would happen is that he or she would be captivated by the place of worship and would love to discover more about it.

When a person is looking at paying a visit to the capital city and taking a ride or two, or even more on the heritage routemaster buses, he or she should keep in mind the very important fact that the choice of the hotel the visitor to the city is going to be staying at for the duration of his or her stay in London. While there is a great amount of scope when it comes to choosing a hotel which is not optimal, there is a hotel and by choosing this one, there is really no chance of his or her trip being reduced in terms of quality. The hotel is one which goes by the name of the marble arch hotel London oxford street and is a hotel which seems to be able to not only draw a great deal of visitors but also happen to be a hotel to which most of the people who stay happen to return to the make repeat visits to the capital city.

Apart from the route 15, the route 9 also used to ply the streets as a heritage bus. However, this was unfortunately withdrawn in the month of July in 2014.

Taking into due account the fact that no bus is London accepts payments in the form of liquid cash. Instead, payments are accepted only from travelcards or Oyster cards. While a journey is a very economical prospect, on a routemaster bus, as the fare is the same as it is for a normal Transport for London bus, that is, it costs a pound and a half. If the case is such that the visitor to the city does not want to get into making the purchase of an Oyster card or a travelcard, it is to be kept in mind by him or her that any underground station in all of London would have one day bus passes available. The cost of the same is just five pounds. What is to be noted about families who are travelling with young ones is that children who are under the age of 11 are members of a category who can travel at no cost at all.

Just like everything else in London, when it comes to bus transport, there are no services available between the time of midnight of the 24th of December. Services do resume with their reliable regularity on the 26th of December i.e. Boxing Day, at six in the morning. This is material information for a person who is planning to pay a visit to London at or around the time of Christmas.

Bus Route 15 London

All in all, it can be said that when a person happens to be in London and realises what an amazing city it is, as it is able to preserve the past while adapting to the future, he or she should take a trip in the central part of the city on a route 15 routemaster as there are few things which can provide a person with such old world joy on undergoing the experience.

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