Take a family road trip out of London

London is the perfect holiday destination and is the top spot for visitors from across the world. Proof of this is the 17 million or more visitors who come to London every year. There certainly is plenty to sightsee and do in the city. If you do plan a trip to London then choose to come in summer when the weather is just perfect and offers plenty of opportunities to explore the outdoors.

Try to choose a hotel that is centrally located like The Marble Arch by Montcalm London, which with its excellent transport connectivity makes it the best place to stay in the city. Once you are done with visiting the top attractions in the city you could explore the option on going on a family road trip out of the city. There are plenty of beautiful places worth exploring outside the city and one of the best ways to accomplish this is by travelling on a road trip. You could hire a car or have the front desk do it for you and set off on a long and enjoyable trip of the beautiful British countryside. A few tips that might come in handy when travelling by road with the family are:

Road Trip

Get a clean car:  The very first thing when you hire a car (if you do have your own) is to ensure that is clean and clutter free. The last thing you would want to be is in a minivan or car that is not thoroughly clean. Ensure that its storage areas and bins are dust free and make it a point to enquire if the car was vacuumed before they sent it to you. Travelling in a car that is clean on the exteriors and interiors makes it a more enjoyable experience.

Ensure that it stays clean: A surprising fact is that quite a few families head out on a road trip with clean and neat cars, only to have them become disorganised and cluttered within a short period of time. To ensure that the interiors stay clean you need to get the right things. Ask the hotel if they could provide you or better still you could buy a few bags to place any garbage in. These could be kept for each row of seats. The moment they fill up they could be disposed in the rest area garbage cans. If you are carrying books, games or puzzles for the children, store them in a plastic box and encourage them keep these items within the box when not in use.

Keep ample entertainment: All if not most rental cars have a DVD player and if it does not ask the rental agency to send you one that does. Another alternative is to use a laptop that could be used to see movies during the trip. You could even think of buying small MP3 players that come with video screens to keep the children engaged during the trip.

Car Trip
Get a car with satellite radio: It can be annoying on a long trip to lose radio stations while you travel through different areas because of poor reception in certain parts. This problem can be eliminated by selecting a car that comes with a satellite radio (most cars do). They offer a crystal clear reception and a wide array of entertainment that caters to all genres. From the latest breaking news to kid friendly programs you will find them all on a satellite radio.

Create custom trip books: Road trips can be a great way to improve your children’s knowledge base. It requires a bit of an effort but is well worth it if you create customised trip books for each child about the areas you will be visiting. These could include a simple map of the route and other interesting trivia about landmarks and places along the route. You could even choose a few innovative quiz games to make it a more enjoyable journey. Encourage the older ones to maintain a journal of the trip, which could be shared at night at the hotel.

Carry eatables: Preferably try to avoid buying junk food as snacks for the children. A healthier option would be to stock up on fresh fruits and other healthy eatables which the kids enjoy munching on. You could choose to stop for an occasional treat but otherwise make it clear that there are eatables on board if anyone is hungry or thirsty. To make it a more enjoyable experience let the kids decide for themselves as to what healthy eatables or snacks they enjoy. And do not forget to carry some candy and chewing gum!

Keep the gas tank full: To avoid having the inconvenience of stooping frequently ensure that your car has a full gas tank. This is if you are using your personal car (as rental vehicles will mostly offer you the option). It can be an annoying experience to have to search for a gas station when you are in the middle of nowhere, and the car is running on limited gas. At all times try to keep a minimum of a quarter tank.

Take ample breaks: Sitting endlessly for hours in a car can be really vexing and more so for children. They will be unduly stressed and become irritable if they remain copped up for a long period of time. The best option is take ample breaks if you are on a long road trip. It would help both the kids and adults to stretch their legs after a long drive and also to breathe in some fresh air, which will help to reduce stress levels on a long drive.

Explore the route: While it is always a great idea to stick to the route there is no harm in exploring off the beaten path. If you find something interesting along the way and are not in too much of rush, it could prove to be a great opportunity to discover some hidden gems along the way.

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