The Bangladeshi culture in London and what it represents

Bangladeshi culture in London

London is the most multicultural city in London, and in this melting pot, Bangladeshi culture has pervaded entire areas of the city. Interestingly, 153,893 people of Bangladeshi origin reside in the capital – with 65,500 of those living exclusively in the London borough of Tower Hamlets, making it the ideal place in London to experience Bangladeshi culture. Bangladeshi’s are also settled in East London, in places such as Brick Lane (also known as Banglatown) and Camden. And almost all of the 10,000-12,000 Indian restaurants in the UK are owned by Bangladeshis.

If you want to experience Bangladeshi culture, we recommend you head over to Brick Lane; it’s the best place to experience your first foray into Bangladeshi cuisine and more. To do that, we invite you to book a place at The Marble Arch Hotel London Oxford Street hotel – which is just half an hour away from Brick Lane – with one train ride from Oxford Circus to Liverpool Street on the Central line, and one 8-min bus ride to Brick Lane.

Brick Lane London

While we do recommend you experience Bangladeshi culture in the city, there’s obviously a lot to more to see and do in the capital. And that’s why we feel it’s more advantageous to book your hotel in central London as opposed to east London.

An estimated 6,000 Bengali families have moved from Italy to East London in the last 3-4 years – fleeing economic stagnation in southern Europe – making their mark in the Tower Hamlets Bangladeshi community and beyond, opening coffee shops and forming their welfare associations to help new families moving to the country.

Street art has become a mainstay in Brick Lane – with many of Banksy’s famous paintings found in the area. It’s an area that blends old London and new London beautifully, and that’s part of its charm. What is it about Brick Lane that has made it so inviting to tourists?

We believe it’s the sense of uniqueness and the vibrancy of the area that kept people coming back for more. You can get to Brick Lane by either walking from Aldgate East, Liverpool Street, or Shoreditch High Street station. Book from one of the many London Hotels special offers this year and discover London’s dazzling multicultural atmosphere.

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