The contentious debate regarding the Garden Bridge in London

The Garden Bridge in London is a new piece of architecture that aims to add a new shine to the city of London. Found not too far from the many Edgware road hotels, its purpose is to centre itself as a breathtakingly serene garden that will stretch over the River Thames. However, not everyone has welcomed the project with open arms. Many say it will be a distraction, and hurt London’s scenery. Meanwhile, others say it’s one of the best things that could happen to London. Whichever way you look at it, it’s clear that the project is ambitious.Imagine being told that a huge footbridge is being built in your city. Would you respond with excitement, anticipation, or drudgery?

The River Thames lacks a certain vibrancy that other notable rivers in major cities have. This footbridge would add a polish to the River Thames, and create a new avenue point for locals and tourists. However many Royal Parks the city has, a city can always benefit from more greenery. Especially in a city as polluted as London. For those reasons, many have said it would be a positive change for the city.

The project will cost $300 million to build, and some say it’s morbidly expensive for what it’s providing. Especially when $91 million of the fund will be gathered by the government. The main argument is that it will drive up housing prices even more than their current rates. Nevertheless, it’s clear that the new Garden Bridge in London will bring something different to London. It would create a new route from Covent Garden to South Bank, and lessen the pressure on public transport. Bridges are a metaphor for connection. This new footbridge will help people reach different sides of the city with an incomparable level of ease that hasn’t been witnessed before. The total length of the proposed garden bridge will be 367metres. It was conceived by Joanna Lumley and designed by Thomas Heatherwick.

Proponents of the garden bridge say that it will help attract even more tourists. In turn, the city will benefit from a more dynamic economy. Plus the project will generate an enormous amount of employment. Besides these benefits, imagine for a moment how fantastic it would be to have the opportunity to be immersed in a garden experience above the River Thames. Not many destinations in Europe can claim to have such an attraction.

Despite all that, there’s been an ever increasing amount of backlash in regards to the project. It’s principally because the River Thames is very tidal, and not necessarily as picturesque as some others rivers. Naturally, putting a garden bridge over it will create an odd sort of contrast that won’t make the area more pleasant. Rather, there’s a consensus that it will look odd more than anything. Plus, it will block the views up and down the river.

In conclusion, this project symbolizes the ambitious flair behind London. Politicians and architects are always looking to add something to the city to make it even better than it is. Sometimes, that can be a good thing. Other times, maybe not so. Either way, we highly recommend visiting this city in the coming months.  Whether the project goes ahead or not is a mystery, but it might very well be that the voice of the people from organized campaigns eventually stifles any attempts for the project to be carried out. The different opinions, ideas and philosophies that exist in London are what make it an exciting place to visit. You don’t come to London for peace and quiet, but to embrace ambiguity and excitement.

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