The Top Five London Destinations and Things to Do

London Eye

Recently rebranded and renovated, the Coca Cola London Eye is arguably London’s most loved attraction, and perhaps one of Europe’s most widely recognised. First opened to the public in 2000, the UK’s landmark Ferris Wheel attracts more than 3.5 million revellers every year, offering unprecedented views of the city for half an hour.

Described by its operators as ‘the world’s largest cantilevered observation wheel’, the 135 metre structure allows for 360 degrees of visibility from its viewing capsules, spanning over 50 famous London landmarks.

Tower of London

There’s no shortage of frightening legends told about the Tower of London. The place is steeped in death, torture and mystery. Despite its grim reputation however, the Tower of London is a beautiful palace, a sturdy fortress, and an elegant gallery. It’s filled to the brim with some of the UK’s most exciting memorabilia, housing luxuries such as the priceless Crown Jewels.

Buckingham Palace

Home to the Queen of England, Buckingham Palace is a nation’s favourite and also houses the work of some of the world’s greatest artists, including Vermeer and Rembrandt. A journey through the nineteen state rooms lets your marvel at the luxurious furniture that has come to define the palace’s reputation of opulence.

A ticket also allows you to enjoy the palace’s 40+ acre garden, home to many rare birds and species of wildflower. It’s the largest private garden in all of London.

Covent Garden

Near Soho is Covent Garden, a beautiful central district made up of mainly boutique shops, high street stores, restaurants and recreation venus. Market stalls are also common, selling lots of unique items, foods and antiques you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else in London.

Covent Garden in London

Covent Garden is an excellent alternative who fear the rabid scrum of the crowds on Oxford Street, especially near the holiday period.

China Town

At the end of Covent Garden comes China Town. This is still within walking distance of Euston, so it’s useful if you want to grab the tube afterwards. It may not as splendorous as its New York or San Francisco counterparts, but London’s own little corner of the Far East is still an area worth experiencing at all times of the year, and is especially exciting to see during the Chinese New Year celebrations. There’s authentic Chinese food as far as you can see, with some Japanese and Korean alternatives also copiously available. There are souvenirs and impromptu celebrations on the streets, and even a HSBC branch whose signs are written in both English and Mandari. And if after your journey you’re seeking some rest from all the adventuring, why not book into one of the hotels near oxford street London, like the Marble Arch London hotel?

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