Things to explore at the Bermondsey Street of London

London city’s real charm lies in the variety of vibes and characters it offers in every corner of the city. When visiting London, you will find a different character in every street and alley of the city and something that attracts every kind of tourist. One such attractive place to visit is the Bermondsey Street. Located in the central part of London, it offers some stunning views and attractions in around this prime area. Walking down Bermondsey you will come across the iconic building of The Shard, The London Bridge and more.

Whether you are travelling with family, friends or with someone special, you must book your stay at a comfortable and luxurious hotel in the central part of London. This will make you enjoy the buzz and liveliness of the city along with enjoying the peace and calm of the hotel. One of the most sought-after hotels you can book your stay in while visiting London is The Marble Arch by Montcalm London hotel at Cumberland. Catering to all kinds of visitors, this hotel is an ideal accommodation options with it being in the heart of the city. Plus, here you can enjoy and avail several luxurious and comforting facilities and amenities within the hotel premises. With indoor spa treatments, restaurant and bar, complimentary things and remarkable hospitality you will feel like home here and your stay will make your trip even more memorable.

Booking your stay in this ideal hotel allows you to stay in the heart of the city from where you can easily explore different parts of the city, main London attractions, gigs and more. This hotel also keep you close to the Bermondsey Street, that offer a plethora of things to explore and see.

At the Bermondsey Street you can discover the following things:

a) London Glassblowing Gallery and Studio

One of the first hot-glass studios in Europe, this studio was established by Peter Layton. Being Europe’s leading workshops for glassmaking using attractive colours, forms and textures, this place is a must visit in this area. The pieces here are produced in sculptural and functional forms. Like many galleries of London, this gallery and studio is also free for all to see. So, when exploring Bermondsey street, you must visit this place and witness the heat and magic of the ancient craft of glassblowing and see how a gather of molten glass evolves into a thing of art, value and beauty. These beautiful creations are then exhibited in the galleries.

b) The Antiques Market

London is famous for keeping alive as well as promoting the market culture all over the city. Different areas of London are famous for different types of markets selling and displaying different things from homeware, food to fashion and clothing. One such market is the Antiques Market in the Bermondsey Street area. Here you will be able to explore a variety of things from antique jewellery to collectable, old furniture and more. When you are here, you will simply enjoy the lively hustle-bustle of this area too.

c) White Cube

This area also offers another contemporary gallery owned by Jay Jopling. So, the Bermondsey Street is a haven for lover of art and culture.

d) Fashion and Textile Museum

For fashion lovers, there is this contemporary fashion museum founded by the famous British designer Zandra Rhodes in 2003. It is also a part of the Newham College of Further Education, which is one of Europe’s largest further education colleges. So, to discover the history and future of fashion you must visit this place.

e) The Shard

One of the most iconic buildings of the city is also in this area. This 95-story supertall skyscraper was designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano and is a must visit to see the marvel of his glass creation as well as the stunning views of the city.

f) Eames Fine Art Gallery

Another great exhibition in this area is the Eames Fine Art Gallery. For history lovers and the lovers of culture this gallery is a must visit.

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