Things to Consider When Choosing A Hotel In London

London is the ideal holiday destination to spend time with the family. It has famously been described as the city that has something for everyone, whatever their taste and choice. From culture to music, shopping to entertainment, the city has an incredible spread of attractions to charm all who visit the city.

With millions visiting the city every year it has the best in terms of accommodation. The five star hotels in London are out of the best to be found in the country, in terms of luxury and quality of customer service.  If you plan to visit London this summer some of the top features to look for when choosing a hotel are:

Location: One of the most essential factors to take into account is the location of the hotel. Staying in a central location becomes all the more vital if you need to travel frequently on a business trip. Although staying in a central location may be more expensive it certainly will have better access to essential locations that you need to visit on your trip.

Hotel chain or independent:  You could choose to stay either at a hotel chain or a independent hotel depending upon your preference and needs. If you are a frequent business traveller and part of a royalty program it makes sense to stay in a hotel chain. After all they are known to offer the best of service and are reliable. If you want a more personal experience then you could opt to stay either at a family run or an independent hotel.

Hotel rating:  While this may not be the most important criteria in making a choice it is an aspect that should be taken into consideration. After all if you want to indulge yourself and have the budget why not choose a hotel that will offer the best. Look for a hotel that caters to all your needs while ensuring that you have a very comfortable stay. If you are on a business trip for a few days and do not want to spend an exorbitant amount then it is best to opt for a budget hotel, which may not have any star rating but will perfectly suit your needs. On the other hand if you are on holiday and want to stay in luxury then the best choice will be a hotel with a high star rating.

Customer service: You need to be aware of which services are on offer at the hotel you plan to stay at during your trip. Some of the services you might require could include laundry, room service, a restaurant etc. Depending upon your requirements during your stay you need to check for the services on offer.

Hotel reviews: One of the best ways to choose a hotel is by reading guest reviews of the accommodation and facilities available on independent websites. They are a reliable way to know what is available and what may be lacking. You however need to look at the specifics as what areas may or may not be needed by you, in case of a negative review.

Restaurant service: While deciding about a hotel you need to check and see if they offer or serve meals in the hotel. Is breakfast offered complimentary or do you have to pay extra for it. There are even hotels that offer rooms with a small attached kitchen area with meal preparation facilities for those who prefer to make something on their own. Keeping the meal option in mind is vital as it could fall quite expensive to have to eat out. If you are staying at a hotel in an expensive city like London and have to eat out it will lead to additional expenditure, something which is best avoided.

Nirvana Kitchen Restaurant in London

Extra charges: There are a lot of additional charges which you might assume form a part of the room tariff. While most hotels nowadays offer free a free Internet connection to their guests it is always prudent to confirm the same at the time of booking. If not on offer it will be added to the room charges. If you in the city for business and need to use the Internet frequently, it is best to find a hotels that offers free Internet access.

Family oriented: If you are on a trip with the family it only makes sense to choose a family friendly hotel. This is more so if you are travelling with the kids in tow, so the hotel must be suited to the entire family. Check to see if the hotel offers features like a crèche, play area or kids swimming pool among other family friendly features.

Parking: Another important feature when opting for a hotel is to see if they adequate parking space. This becomes essential if you plan to rent a car and use it during your trip. If not then you could explore the alternative of using public transport.

Pet-friendly: If you are on holiday with the family and plan to travel with your pets you need to ensure that the hotel has a pet-friendly policy. This differs from hotel to hotel with some hotels willing to accommodate pets and other hotels have a strict no pet policy. You would not want to make your hotel bookings and arrive with the family and pet in tow, only to be told they do not accept pets!

While choosing the right hotel for your stay these are some of the points to keep in mind. London has a multitude of hotels, so finding a suitable hotel should not prove to be a challenge. The only thing to bear in mind is whether you travel for business or pleasure it should be a comfortable experience!

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