All time high: why you must visit the Sky Garden

Having a made a splash among fashionable visitors to the UK capital, the Sky Garden is an unmissable 21st Century London venue – and no mistake.

Located in the heart of the City of London, if offers attendees a sublime sub-tropical garden décor, as well as fantastic 360-degree views of the city itself via opulent and spacious gathering rooms, observation decks and an open-air patio. So, considering booking a stay at The Marble Arch London? If so, this place has to be first on your list of London must-visits. 

So, what is the Sky Garden?

To be found on the top floor of the Fenchurch building (nicknamed by many as the ‘Walkie Talkie building’), it’s a paradisical indoors venue that’s brimming with Mediterranean and South-African flora, while offering sensational panoramas of the incredible London skyline, through its floor-to-ceiling glassed sides, observation decks and open-air patio.

And when it comes to the flora, we’re talking magnificent examples here, like Red Hot Poker, Bird of Paradise and African Lily, in addition to fragrant herbs, such as French Lavender and Rosemary. Let’s face it, it’s the sort of beguiling surroundings you’ll naturally want to sample if you’ve booked a stay at one of the chicest of chic, 5 star boutique hotels London. 

What a view!

It’s all about location. The Sky Garden’s location atop one of the capital’s tallest – and most distinctive – buildings really does afford visitors a unique experience; enabling them view to literally the entirety of the city below, whether it’s day, evening or night – and especially in the spring or summer, thanks to its open-air balcony, all of 43 storeys up. How could you turn your nose up at visiting this venue, then, if you’re on a city break staying in luxury hotel rooms in London? 

Dining in style

The Sky Garden isn’t just about the aromas and the views (inside and) out, though; it’s also carved out a reputation as one of the prime venues for fine dining in the capital. Yes, much of that may be down to the beautifully unique environment and, indeed, a touch of novelty value, but the wining and dining options here are simply excellent.

In addition to the following dining and bar options, there’s also Fenchurch Terrace, a particularly laid-back area that’s ideal for a chilled city evening, where you can enjoy good company, drinks and nibbles (perfect, perhaps, if you’re taking advantage of London hotels special offers?):

  • Fenchurch Restaurant – one level up from Sky Garden itself, this restaurant specialises in delicious British cuisine, with terrific lunch and al carte menus that are brimming with dishes bursting with awesome flavours
  • Darwin Brasserie – inspired by and named after Charles Darwin, the legendary British naturalist, this venue’s quickly established itself as one of London’s top spots for high-quality brunching; its all-day menu includes a three-course brunch buffet packed full of seasonal and exquisite foods
  • City Garden Bar – an area of the Sky Garden that enables you to savour cracking cocktails while taking in breath-taking views of the metropolis below
  • Sky Pod Bar – finally, a drinks and dining space that’s open all day and evening; it’s a favourite with those who love DJ-delivered vibes and live music, being an awesome destination for night-time distractions.
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