Tips that guide you explore the best things of London in a day

London is one of the most vibrant cities of the world and is one of the very few cities that offers something for everyone. There is something fun and engaging happening here almost everyday of the year. It is ideal for people travelling for long trip, short trips and even for a day.

If you are short on time and visiting London just for a day, don’t worry. You can do a lot in this city even if you are visiting London just for a day. Here’s a list of things you do, see or simply enjoy and experience of you are here for a day trip.

Firstly, it is essential to book yourself a nice and comfortable hotel where you can relax, refresh and even drop your luggage so that you can explore the city fully and make the best of your stay in London. It is ideal to book a stay in one of the hotels in central London. From here you can easily access all the attractions, gigs, experiences and popular restaurants of London. Most of the happening things of the city take place in the central part of London. Plus, they are close to tube, train and bus links which helps you commute and shuffle from one attraction to the easily and quickly. These stations also provide great connectivity of the London airports. You can book yours stay at a luxurious and comfortable London hotel in Marble Arch.

Whether you are travelling alone for work, transiting with family or stopping in London with your loved one and friends, you can do plenty here in a day. Here are few things you can and must do, when you are in London for a day:

  • Start your day by enjoying an authentic English breakfast in London. Lots of London’s hotels, pubs and cafes offer an extensive breakfast menu
  • Get yourself a London day pass. This will give you discount on many London attractions and allow you to commute from one place to another at a fixed price.
  • Visit one or more than one of the free museums of London. This is a great way of spending the day
  • Go for a stroll in the one of the massive and royal London parks. You can find parks close to Cumberland and the hotels in Marble Arch.
  • You can enjoy the typical afternoon tea experience at one of London’s restaurant or hotels or indulge in a pub grub in one of the several pubs in the city.
  • See and experience the iconic London buildings and attractions like the London Eye, The Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and more.
  • Explore the many alleys of London
  • Shop at the famous Oxford street and explore everything from the clothes, international and national luxury brands, footwear, food and more. Here you will find the flagship stores of many famous brands like Marks & Spenser’s, Topshop, Selfridges and more.
  • Take the hop-on-hop-off bus and explore the whole of London in a bus.
  • See all of London bridges
  • Walk along the river and the whole of London
  • Watch a Broadway show in the west End part of London.

As you will be not be staying in the hotel much you can look for best hotel rooms and deals in London. So, all the above and a lot more you can cover in London even if you are here for a day, that’s the beauty of this magical city.

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