Tips To Enjoy A Family Holiday While On The Road

Travelling with the kids can be a memorable experience, especially if you plan a road trip to a holiday destination like London with the family. London is the perfect holiday destination and is one of the most visited family holiday destinations in the world. From kids to grow ups, there are an incredible number of things to do and explore in the city, for people of all age groups. Testimony of this is the millions of families that visit London every year.

The city has numerous family friendly hotels like The Marble Arch Hotel, at London Oxford Street which is very popular with visitors to the city. It is the ideal place to stay with the family when on a holiday to London. While in the city, if you plan to take family on a road trip to the lovely British countryside there are a few tips that will make the trip more memorable:

Avoid staying bundled up within the car for long: When you travel with the family including kids it is best to avoid staying cooped up within the car for long periods of time. While there always is the need to get to the destination at the earliest, it can become stressful for the kids if they stay within the car for too long a period of time. This is more so when you have toddlers and small kids who tend to get utterly bored sitting in the backseat. While adults can sit in the same spot for hours, the kids just cannot stay still for long periods of time. It is always a good idea to stop after an hour or two and get off at a place to eat or simply let them stretch their legs a bit by taking a short stroll off the road. It will help them to get rid of any boredom that they might begin to feel on a long drive.

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Keep fun toys: Kids are most comfortable when they travel with their favourite toy that give them a sense of comfort and diverts their attention. Apart from blankets and pillows, you could consider packing games that they most enjoy playing.  It could be as simple as a doll or a handheld device that engages their attention.  By carrying this during a long road trip it keeps the kids more engaged and reduces the likelihood of them developing boredom on the trip.

Carry music: A very effective way to improve the mood whether travelling with toddlers or teenagers is to carry along music. Carry the sort of music the kids enjoy and they will be captivated along most of the trip. Add to that a little of extempore singing and it will keep them engaged all along the way. For the younger ones there are a wide variety of interactive music CDs and DVDs available which will keep them enthralled.

Carry comfortable items: One of the best ways to travel with the children on a long trip is to let them sleep for most of the journey. It will help them to stay stress free unlike if they are awake all during the journey which can get too monotonous for them. And the best way to make them comfortable is to carry a few comfortable items from home. Carrying a few blankets, pillows or even their favourite toys will make the kids feel more relaxed and promote them falling off to sleep. It will make the trip more stress free and enjoyable for the grownups as well!

Carry a portable movie player: A great option while on the road is to carry a portable DVD movie player. There are a wide variety of them available in the market and they are relatively inexpensive. If you do not already have one at home it worth investing in for the road trip. Also carry a couple of movie DVDs featuring interesting movies which the kids will love. And preferably select movies which they have not already seen as it will keep them engaged all during the trip.

Try new games with the family: There is always the possibility of trying new games like visual games when travelling with the family. Ask the kids to keep a lookout for landmarks or road signs and they will remain occupied. It could be as simple as counting the number of hotels you cross to unusual sights along the way. This will help partially to pass time and reduce any boredom.

Carry snacks: While on the road there is no need to enforce strict eating rules. The kids are bound to develop an appetite along the trip and you could carry along some healthy snacks which will keep them satisfied and happy. Grumpiness tends to creep in faster among kids when they begin to develop hunger pangs on a long journey. So keep them occupied with some tasty and healthy eatables and they will be happy all along the way.

Carry your Cameras: There is nothing better to entertain kids than to carry along a camera on the trip. It will not only provide some great photo opportunities for the family album, but will also keep the children preoccupied taking photographs and selfies all along the journey. They will be also be busy looking for interesting things to photograph and record on the trip!

Travel with a friend: Another way of making the journey more interesting is to consider taking one of your kid’s best buddies along for the trip. Ask them if they want a friend of theirs to accompany them. If they are keen you could speak to their friend’s parents and take their kid along too. They will stay entertained with each other’s company.

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