Tips to enjoy a luxury trip without spending a fortune

There is nothing that compares to travelling in style and sheer comfort. Luxury travel is something that most of us aspire to do at some time in our life. The good news is that it has now actually become possible to travel in luxury and stay at some of the best premium hotels without breaking the bank. While the fact is that travelling business class, staying at swanky hotels and dining at 5 star restaurants can be very expensive there are ways to score some great deals, without compromising the experience. Here a few tips to travel and stay in luxury without having to splurge a massive amount of money:

Avoid the tourist season: The best way to enjoy staying in a premium luxury hotel is to avoid travelling in the tourist season, when the rates soar. That includes travel during the festive season, school holidays and summer etc. Another time to avoid travel to a major city is when there are major events scheduled to be held. At that not only with room rates shoot up it will also be overcrowded with visitors. The flipside of travelling in the off season is that your sightseeing plans might be at risk because of inclement weather. The best option is to travel midway between the peak and low tourist season. The rates will be definitely be cheaper with hotels like The Marble Arch London by Montcalm offering some fabulous deals and special promotional packages. You could enjoy staying in comfort without having to pay extra high tariff.

Business Trip
Extend a business trip: If you are travelling for work and the expenses are being paid for by your company, try to take an opportunity to add a few extra days to your schedule. Once you are done with work you can put in a request to your company’s management, to be given a few extra days to spend in the city. You could pay for the extra days and can also strike a deal with the hotel to give you their best deal for the few extra days that you will stay at the hotel. They will in all likelihood be more than willing to meet your request. It would also be a great way to relax and de-stress after a hectic schedule in the city.

Look around for the best offers: With a rise in competition the hotel industry like other businesses offers some amazing deals and special offers, including some of the top hotels. It is always better for business to slash rates and increase occupancy rather than to have a empty hotel. You need to do your homework and look around for the best deals available online. There are numerous online travel websites and agencies that offer some great combo packages (flights + accommodation) and this could help you to save considerably on staying and travel costs, while still travelling and staying in luxury.

Hotel Room
Sign up for hotel loyalty programs: If you need to travel frequently for work then why not sign up with a major hotel chain like the Montcalm hotel chain for their loyalty program. Each time you stay at one of their hotels or even use some of their affiliate partners, you will be able to accrue points to your account. These are extremely useful and can be redeemed for a number of purposes ranging from room upgrades to discounts at top restaurants and shopping outlets. You might be able to even use them to wangle free tickets to the theatre or any other premier event.

Use air miles to pay for travel: One of the best ways to travel in style in first class or business class is to make use of all the points you have accrued in your frequent flyer membership. These would be especially, useful if you need to frequently fly overseas on long-haul flights out of the country. Like with a hotel program sign up for an airline program e.g. British Airways. If you clock up a good number of miles all through the year it could be used to upgrade to first or business class, at no extra cost. What better way to travel than in comfort pampered with great service and the finest of champagne! The best way to stay updated about the latest offers is to check the social media feeds of the airline you patronise for frequent travel. Some of them even offer special sales for luxury travel in business or first class.

Use a well known travel agency: While it is possible to book directly through a hotel website (which also helps to get the best prices at times) you could explore the alternative of using a well recognised and popular travel agency or tour operator. The benefit of booking through an agent is that they have insider knowledge of the best offers and special deals. They could help you to secure a variety of benefits including special amenities, free access to certain facilities or even free room upgrades. What more could   you ask for!

Coming to when it is best to make reservations it depends upon personal preference. There are some who like to book well in advance and others who prefer to book at the last minute, with the intention of securing the best deal. It depends entirely upon what suits you as long as it does not jeopardise your stay during the trip. One of the major drawbacks of booking directly at a hotel website is that generally the entire amount needs to be paid upfront, to get their best rate!  If you are comfortable with that then you could explore it as a booking alternative.

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