Borough market is one of the most historic market areas of the city, and hosts hundreds of food stalls, bars and eateries. With its central location near to some of the most iconic sites in the city, it’s no wonder that people flock there year after year. Whether you’re looking for that perfect lunch break between business meetings or you’re simply on a wander from your stay at the Montcalm London Marble Arch, there’s plenty to take advantage of in and around Borough Market.

What is Borough Market?

Borough Market is one of the most historic markets in the city. With a site dating back to the 12th century, Borough Market has historically been a wholesale and retail market for mainly foodstuffs. With a range of traders based there, it’s no surprise that Borough Market is one of the most popular visits for guests in the city looking for seasonal and traditional English foodstuffs. Not only that, Borough has expanded into a diverse range of cuisines, with traders flocking from the world over to sell their wares. The wholesale market operates from 2am till 8am, when many of the cities finest restaurants buy their ingredients, whilst the trade market operates from 10am till 5 or 6pm.

What to expect from Borough Market

From the gourmet chocolate of Artisan du Chocolate to the specialist teas from North-East India, you can expect a diverse range of products at the market. With hundreds of stall each day, the market is definite must for any tourist foodie visiting the city. Stand outs include the locally sourced Blackwoods Cheese Company and the mouthwatering Nana Fanny’s who specialise in salt beef beigels and falafel wraps, the perfect lunch for any hungry visitor.

Things to do near Borough Market

Of course, being such a central location, Borough market is known for being surrounded by some of the best attractions in the city. As you revitalise in the bustling market, full with some of the best food around, it’s now time to explore further afield. With the Thames on one side and one of the most historic parts of Westminster on the other, there’s plenty to explore near Borough Market.

The Bunker Theatre

For some of the best new theatre in the UK, the Bunker is a prime example of pushing forwards in British Drama. Located just down the road from London bridge and Borough Market, the range of performances at the Bunker include New Writing, cabaret and comedy, meaning that this small theatre space has something for everyone.

The Golden Hinde

The Golden Hinde is the famous ship from Sir Francis Drake, one of the Elizabethan eras most heroic sailors. After leading the British in the fight against the Spanish Armada in the 17th century, the Golden Hinde became one of the most well known ships. You can now find a replica next to London Bridge, giving visitors a chance to aboard the ship and find out from experts what life aboard was really like.

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