Top Features that make a Hotel Five Star

If you are staying in and paying for a top class hotel, you expect to receive top class service. You don’t want to be rooming in one of the Luxury Hotel Rooms In London and check out without feeling like you got your money’s worth. Be it concierge service or a fully fledged spa such as you would get at a hotel like The Marble Arch by Montcalm London. Here are a few features you should make sure your hotel provides before checking in.



Customisation and personalisation is one of the best ways to make you feel at home as you travel the world. One of the best things a five star hotel can do to make you comfortable is help you make the room you stay in feel like your own. The ability to choose your own pillow, or the smell of the room, and even just being greeted by name as you arrive; these are the kinds of things that can turn an average stay wonderful.

Attentive Service

This one is harder to measure before checking in, but definitely worth thinking about on return visits. Attentive and discreet staff is a vital part of a satisfactory stay; it is also one of the more difficult things to get right. Keep an eye on customer reviews to see what people say about the hotel staff.


Top quality bedding is absolutely essential in a hotel; sleep is the main activity most people will do in their hotel rooms. Look for ultra plush pillow tops, memory foam, and high thread count sheets. A comfortable night’s sleep is an absolute must when travelling; you have to be so active, the last thing you want is to do it all while tired.

Complimentary Transfer Services

Transfer services can make a big difference and take a lot of the pain out of arriving in a foreign country. A long flight, regardless of how comfortable first class may be, takes its toll and the last thing you want to do at the other end is figure out how to get to your hotel room. Check when booking to make sure your hotel provides a car to save you this pain.

Kids’ Amenities

Obviously the importance of this will depend on whether or not you plan to travel with children. Childs’ amenities are a great way to keep your kids happy and your stay stress free. If there are a lot of activities to keep the little ones occupied and tire them out, then you will have a much more enjoyable holiday. Be sure to check out what is provided when you are booking your stay.

Health and Fitness Facilities

Staying health on a trip can be quite difficult.A lot of walking and sightseeing can leave your limbs stiff. Too much good foreign food risks you putting on the dreaded holiday pounds.A spa with a massage service is great for working the day’s stresses out of your muscles, and a gym can help keep the pounds at bay. Beauty treatments and the like are also highly valuable if you are planning a big night out.

Concierge Service

Concierge Services may not be needed all the time, but you will sorely miss them if you don’t have them.  The level of service and attentive care they provide is a big part of what makes a stay feel like the full five star experience. They are especially useful to people who are uncoordinated or hate planning.

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