Top Tips for Making Your Holiday Luxurious

People go on holidays for different reasons. Some want to explore the city they are visiting. Others want to fill their days with as many cultural experiences as possible. And most would be quite happy never leaving The Marble Arch London – between the restaurants, the afternoon teas and the spa facilities, who would? But one thing everyone has in common when taking a city break is that they are hankering for a bit of holiday luxury. Here are the things you need to make your holiday luxurious.

An empty suitcase

One of the most luxurious things you can do on a holiday, apart from booking the best hotel rooms in London, is to arrive with an empty suitcase. The reason being, London is one of the shopping capitals of the world and you will find some of the most luxurious brands on the market on the streets of London. Ultimately, you are going to want enough space in your luggage to take your indulgences home with you! But worry not if you don’t have space – head to Harrods and you will find some of the world’s most high-end luggage brands to choose from.

The local taxi system

A luxury holiday can sometimes mean calling up a car when you need one, rather than navigating your way through busy public transport systems or dashing through the rain to get to your hotel. Every city has a different app to use or number to call – chat to your concierge and they will recommend to you the best way of getting a taxi for the area. In London, keeping your hair dry and your feet comfortable is never difficult, as you can simply hail a black cab on the road. There are also, of course, a number of apps you can download if you would rather have a bit more control of the service.

 Comfortable beds

A big part of living up that luxury holiday life is getting an impeccable night’s sleep. Staying at spa hotels London can add to the relaxation, of course, but the real clincher is whether or not you get a proper rest. To get this, something you will need is a comfortable bed. Don’t be afraid to ring up reception for an extra blanket or pillow – they are there to ensure your stay is as luxurious as it can be and you should never settle for less!

A view

There is nothing like a stunning view to make your holiday feel like it is at the height of luxury. Head to any of the bars and restaurants within London’s iconic Shard and you will find yourself gawking at some of the most impressive city views. Otherwise, make your way to the river and pick one of the spots along the Thames for a riverside view. Luckily for you if staying at The Marble Arch is that you are never far from the kind of view you write home about (and snap a hundred pictures of for Instagram!)

A relaxed schedule

Sometimes, when travelling, it can be tempting to fill your agenda with as many activities as possible so that you feel you have made the most of your trip. However, holidaying luxuriously is much less about how much you can fit in and more about how much you enjoy what you do. Flexibility in your schedule opens windows for opportunity. For instance, while heading to an activity you have planned, you may stumble upon a cocktail bar that you are dying to stop at. However, if your schedule is too rigid, you won’t be able to enjoy these luxuries or live in the moment. You want your plans to be flexible enough that every luxurious whim and fancy can be approached with a “hell yes” attitude.

The right attitude

Having the right attitude goes hand in hand with having a flexible schedule. See, with the wrong attitude, you may never even notice the quirky cocktail bar en route to your daily activity. A “treat yourself” attitude is high up on the list of ways to ensure your holiday is constantly filled with luxury – because it means your eyes are always peeled for things you find enjoyable. Once you spot them, the only thing left to do is b-line for them and indulge in your desires.

Book a trip to the spa

No luxury holiday is complete without a trip to the spa, which is remarkable easy at most Montcalm hotels given that they have some of the best spas in the city within their walls. Whether you are more a massage type or person, a lounge-in-the-sauna type of person, or a manicure type of person, you need some good old-fashioned pampering at the hands of relaxation experts whilst on holiday to properly unwind.

Book a babysitter

If you are travelling with kids, there is no shame in booking a babysitter for a couple of hours so that you too can get some alone-time and really relish in the luxury of your holiday. Whether you head to the theatre to see a show, or even to the spa for a massage, this time by yourself or with your significant other can elevate your travel experience, reminding you that the holiday is just as much about you as it is your family.

Partake in fine dining

Every city has the kind of restaurant you read about in travel guides… except London. That is because London has hundreds of those types of restaurants. You would be denying yourself the ultimate holiday luxury if you didn’t eat out at one of London’s fantastic fine-dining restaurants. The city is scattered with michelin starred restaurants, chefs and world-famous restaurants – don’t waste the opportunity to indulge!

Ultimately, with the right attitude and an eagerness to enjoy yourself, you are set for a holiday of luxury. The important thing is to remember what holidays are for – and that is enjoying yourself. As soon as you find yourself getting too wrapped up in stress or plans, that is when the luxury begins to lack. So, equip yourself with these nine things and you will find your holiday is infinitely more luxurious from the get-go.

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