Travel Heavy, Travel Happy

London is a city rich in heritage sites. With its amazing hotels and restaurants, it attracts visitors all through the year. Since there are a large number of places to be seen in London, people often make plans for a week or a fortnight’s trip to London. Travelling to London needs a lot of preparation. One of the primary things is how much luggage one should carry. In this age of globalization, our everyday necessities are based on our personal needs. They differ from one person to another according to taste, health conditions, financial conditions, culture and a lot of other issues. Along with these, there are things which we cannot live without. While visiting London, someone might want to wear all the favourite dresses or jewelleries while some other person might want to carry a lot of medicines. Hence, the luggage bag becomes really heavy. So, one must be very careful while packing and booking tickets in airlines.

Luggage Packing
Most airlines are not at all friendly when it comes to carrying luggage. The reason behind this is that with the increase in luggage, the amount of fuel required to fly increases. Thus, more the luggage more is the quantity of fuel required. Fuel used in aeroplanes is very costly. When an airlines charges for travel, one of the primary things which is included in the fare is this cost of fuel. Usually, an airline has the provision of one checked in luggage and the cost of carrying this luggage is included in the fare itself. If one wants to carry additional luggage, then one has to pay. There is no company which actually allows luggage without charging. Since a lot of things depend on the weight of the aeroplane, such restrictions have been made. It is impossible to control the weight of the passengers. So limitations are put on luggage. These restrictions also depend on the type of flight one is affording. If a person is travelling to London from other parts of England, thereby, availing domestic flight, then one has to go through the details of the carefully. Some airlines like Lufthansa and British Airways offer one checked-in luggage for free but it depends on the ticket. One has to know whether the ticket actually allows the luggage for free or not. If one is travelling to London from another country of Europe or from another continent like USA or South Asia, free checked-in luggage is usually allowed. However, this price of carrying this luggage is included in the fare. Sometimes, companies who book flights for people take advantage of this situation. They offer flight packages which offer good deals do not include the cost of luggage in the package. By doing this, the company gets the chance to earn some additional amount of money from the luggage.

There are a lot of five star hotels in London. These hotels in London provide rooms which are very large. So if the luggage is very heavy, it can be well accommodated into the room and then there will be a lot of free space to walk without stumping on the luggage. The luggage can also be kept in cupboards or wardrobe for they have a lot of space too. Travelling to these hotels is free of hassle even if one carries a lot of luggage. The problem of luggage comes when one is flying.

Luggage Conveyor Belt at Airport
Travel allowance differs from airline to airline. A large number of airlines who have their bases in places of Middle East travel to London. Among them, airlines like Etihad allow checked in luggage of twenty three kilograms. Other airline like Qatar and others allow passengers to take luggage up to thirty kilograms. If the person has heavy luggage, then he or she can easily opt for the airline which allows luggage of thirty kilograms as check in luggage. But this depends on the availability of flight and routes of the airline. In cases where the particular airline has no flight to London, then the person will either have to change the route or eventually go for another airline.

Apart from this, there are airlines who charge less for the journey. Here, they do not take in the luggage cost. When it comes to charging for luggage, they charge a whooping amount. Hence, while booking a flight, one should keep in mind that if the fare of an airline is less, it will not necessarily mean that the charges will be less too. These charges differ depending on the route of the flight and the time of the flight. A certain airline may charge two Euro and thirty three penny for a luggage weighing fifteen kilogram on a selected route while the same airline might charge an amount of ninety Euros for a luggage weighing twenty kilograms during summer and for a longer route. The luggage in this case should be booked a lot earlier.

While packing, sometimes, it is not always possible for us to determine the weight of our luggage. Hence, even if we feel that the luggage is not heavy, it might turn out to be so. This will be discovered after arriving at the airport. In cases like this, it is better if one arrives early and get the luggage weighed. If the weight of the luggage turns out to be greater than the travel allowance, then one can adjust the luggage accordingly or pay for the extra luggage if needed. Another way to deal with this problem is to book extra luggage online some hours before the flight. Booking online is economical and often the charge of this additional luggage is charged a little less than the one which is charged when one checks in for the flight at the airport.

It may sound a very tough job to travel with heavy luggage without paying hefty amounts. But in reality, if one plans in a very calculative way doing a lot of research on the topic, then it becomes quite feasible. Hence, one can travel to London without worrying about luggage.

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