Unique Historical attractions in London

Some of us visit London for shopping; others for history while others are simply fascinated by the idea of visiting the capital. Whichever camp you fall in, your stay in the city will be better if you take the time out to visit a few different historical attractions; places that tell a story about a world that no longer exists. Even if you’re not particularly interested in history in general, taking some time to visit cultural spots will make your stay that much more enriching.

To start with, we invite you to explore some of the magnificent palaces that adorn the capital. One of them is the breathtakingly enchanting Hampton Court Palace, found in Kensington, close to The Marble Arch hotel London Oxford Street accommodations. It’s known for its Tudor style, its brilliant maze, and the vast acres of gardens that circle the venue.

St Pauls Cathedral

St Pauls Cathedral, an iconic and magnificent Baroque, doesn’t get as much credit as it deserves. Found in St Pauls Churchyard, in East London, it offers extravagant panoramic views and a mind-expanding experience inside – with various religious depictions forming the interior of the church. It sits on Ludgate Hill, the highest point in the city of London.

St. Paul's Cathedral church
Other famous palaces are The Lambeth Palace, the Mansion House, Buckingham Palace, and the Kew Palace and Royal Kitchens. If we had to pick out two of these palaces for you to visit, they would be Buckingham Palace and Hampton Court Palace – which conveniently, aren’t very far off from each other.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge
Built in 1894, the Tower Bridge, the combined bascule and suspension bridge, allows you to enjoy some of gorgeous views of the Thames. It now features a spectacular glass floor across all the high-level walkways and offers behind-the-scenes access to the original lifting machinery. If you’re someone who is fascinated by architecture and design, you’ll no doubt appreciate this place in its full depth.

TATE Gallery

Tate Britain Art Gallery
If you’d like to get an artier experience, then we invite you to visit the brilliant TATE gallery, which features British art from the 16th century and onwards. Having opened in 1897, it’s one of the oldest art galleries in the city, and since then, it’s become the pioneering art centre of London. With a plethoric schedule of exhibitions, this is a place where visitors can get an enthralling insight into art in its diversified art forms. Out of all the historical sites we’ve listed so far, this is the only free venue – so there’s no reason not to miss it.

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