Useful travelling tips for modern day travellers

Travellers of the modern world want to travel, explore new places and indulge in unique experiences. They are always looking for luxury at great price. They save money to travel and see new places instead. This generation has the power to spend but want to make sure they are getting the best deal. When traveling to London, booking a stay at the Marble Arch by Mont Calm hotel will give you the most luxurious and comfortable stay to unwind. Plus, the hotel provides special offers, great facilities and amenities; along with unmatched hospitability to ensure your stay is a memorable one. Once you book your stay at this hotel, you are surely you book a stay with every time you visit London.

Travel Tips

When in London, here’s a list of packing and styling tips we have prepared to make your travel more fulfilling and fun. Our tips will help prevent you from over packing and taking along just what you will need. Using our tips you can travel for a week in a cabin bag. Here’s your guide to master London style, packing and the art of travelling light.

1. Plan every day of your trip

Before you jet out it’s worth investing some time in making an itinerary for your trip. Plan each day of your trip. Even if you plan 90% of the things you will be doing, you can pack accordingly and have a well-planned trip. Plan your daily outfit, things you want to carry along, an umbrella, a nice spacious sling bag to stay hands-free while travelling. This will also help you take pictures nicely without having to worry about your bag. Check with your hotel about the facilities and amenities they provide. If they provide iron, phone chargers, toiletries and towels you need not to carry all this carry other important stuff instead. London is known for is notorious weather, and keeping that in mind, you must carry an umbrella with you all the time. If you are exploring the city it’s best to carry the most comfortable shoes as exploring a city always includes lots of walking.

2. Always study the weather of the city in advance

london weather tips

You must check the weather of any city you are travelling to before you get there. There is no satisfaction like coming prepared for any kind of weather. London weather is known to be very unpredictable. A sunny day can turn into rain in a matter of seconds. If you are planning a trip during summers, you can ditch the heavy overcoats, but pack a light jacket because it can get a bit windy in the evening. In winters one should bring everything that helps them layer well keep warm. Spring and autumn months are also fairly cold here. You must carry an umbrella all the time- because in London it can rain anytime and in any season.

3. Be creative and smart about your clothes

outfit for travelling

Being creative with your outfits while you are travelling makes your trip super smooth. If planned well, a short trip can easily be packed in your carry along bag and you can save time waiting at conveyer for your luggage to arrive.

To do this, check the weather, the kind of excursions you will be doing and the spirit of your trip. If it is a trip full of sight-seeing and excursion, you can carry a pair of comfortable shoes that can go with all your outfits and you are done. Pack basic make-up that can sort your day and evening looks. Be creative to team your jeans with different tees to make your suitcase lighter. Try and bring only one jacket/coat that goes well with all your outfits.

4. Limit the number of shoes you carry

London travel tips

You will be surprised to know how much bulk shoes can add to your bag. Make sure you carry only what you need and is comfortable. If you have evening and night-outs planned carry one pair of formal shoes that can complement all your evening outfits.

5. Gadget control

When on a trip you want make sure you only carry what you ‘really’ need. Carry one device to keep yourself connected to the world. Choose between a laptop, a tablet or your phone or camera. This will help you have less things to manage, take care of and will reduce your bag weight.

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