2 Days in London | Your Guide to The Greatest City on Earth

London rocks. It is a fact that cannot be argued with.

It’s a city born from 2,000 years of history with abundant culture, stunning architecture and some of the very best attractions in the world.

The only problem with this miraculous city is its sheer size and bountiful selection of things to see and do- there is simply too much!

Greater London is actually 15 times the size of Paris and is home to just less than 9 million people, which is around 13% of the entire population of the UK!

So how do you go about conquering this gigantic metropolis?

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Now with your accommodation taken care of, we need to get you through the next two days of your stay.

Before we dive into an itinerary though, here are the best transport methods you should utilise when traversing the city.

Public Transport

Some of London’s most iconic sights are actually members of their public transport system. The famous ‘black cab’ for example is a staple of the city, but nowadays there are better ways to get around.

The Tube

The London Underground is the world’s oldest underground passenger rail system, opened in 1863.

It now covers the entire length and breadth of the city, offering incredible coverage and access.

This should be your main port of call for travelling in the city centre- just make sure you avoid peak hours!


London’s bus network is, incredibly, even more expansive and fills in some of the gaps left by the Tube.

If you need to get somewhere obscure in a cheap way, and time is not of the essence, then hop on the top deck of a double decker and enjoy the view!


London is becoming more and more cycle-friendly every year.

There is an extensive network of bike paths, allowing you to get anywhere in the city with relative ease.

You can also take advantage of the city’s cycle-share scheme. You’ll find them dotted around the city in hundreds of convenient locations, all you have to do is download the app and choose a bike!

Day 1

Day 1 is all about exploration.

We will be following the River Thames through the mighty heart of the city, so make sure your comfy shoes are laced well and get ready for the best sightseeing day of your life!



Start your day by taking a nice stroll through Hyde Park to the south east corner, it’s one of the best parks in the city so do make sure you enjoy it!

Cross the road and pass through the stunning Wellington Arch, then head up towards Buckingham Palace.

It’s one of the country’s most visited locations and is a true archeological gem. Admire the stunning building then stroll down the Mall and nip through Horse Guards Parade. Turning right you’ll reach one of the most powerful squares in the country- and maybe the world.

Parliament Square is home to the British Government and of course the Palaces of Westminster, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.

These buildings are world renowned and should be enjoyed fully- hopefully you’ll get to hear the toll of Big Ben!



Cross the Thames using Westminster Bridge and then jump on the bank of the river.

This area is known as Southbank and is where you’ll see an incredible concentration of stunning buildings and wonderful attractions.

The London Eye will be right in front of you, and is absolutely worth the ride. You’ll get to see the city from a bird’s eye view at 135 metres above the river!

Next you’ll pass the Southbank Centre Food Market, the perfect palace for lunch! Grab some artisanal snacks and carry on along the river.

The River


Keep heading along the river and eventually you will come across the Tate Modern. It’s one of the world’s finest collections of modern art, and an impressive building housed in an old power station.

Next to this is the stunning Shakespear’s Globe where hundreds of years of history are brought to life. You can catch a play written by the Bard himself.

At this point you’ll be able to cross the stunning Millenium Bridge to St. Paul’s Cathedral- one of the most gorgeous structures in the world- and one of the largest freestanding domes in the world.

Tower Hamlets


Now it’s back to following the path of the mighty Thames until you reach the ancient Tower of London.

This miraculous building has been many things over its long life, but now is one of the most visited structures in Europe. Tour the interior with the famous ‘Beefeater’ Guards, visit the Crown Jewels and hopefully avoid the resident ghosts that call the tower home.

You’ll also find the gorgeous Tower Bridge here which can be explored, and even crossed on a glass walkway 43 metres above the river!

Day 2

Day 1 was action packed, so you’ll probably need a rest day.

Well lucky for you, day 2 is all about utilising the Tube, trying great food and seeing some incredible culture.

The Museums & Galleries


London is home to many of the world’s greatest museums.

Head to the British Museum if you need a little human history, the Natural History Museum has some of the best dinosaur fossils anywhere in the world and you can get hands on with science at the Science Museum.

London’s Museums are free to enter, so get out there and enjoy them.

The Markets


There are hundreds of markets spread throughout the city, and each and every one is as unique as the last.

Borough Market is probably the best place in the city to pick up the best lunch you’ve ever had, Camden Markets offer amazing vintage clothing, great music and an awesome vibe whilst Portobello Road is a haven for antique hunters.

The Shopping


London’s streets are packed with world class shops, international fashion brands and artisanal boutiques.

Harrods, Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason are amongst the most famous department stores in the world.

Have Some Dinner & Catch a Show


Now it’s time to take a breath, if you have any left, and relax in a fantastic restaurant- there are actually 66 Michelin Stars in London, so you won’t have trouble finding somewhere to eat.

Make sure you check out the billing for the West End Theatres and maybe see a world class stage performance to end the perfect weekend in one of the greatest cities on earth.

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