Digital Apps To Enhance Your Trip To London

London is one of the largest cities in Europe, spanning a whopping 1500 square kilometres. With 32 boroughs all with their own personalities, high streets and landmarks, you’d need to book a rather long stay at the Montcalm luxury hotel rooms in London to fully explore everything it has to offer. 

You can’t expect to see everything in London during your visit, but you can make what you do fit in more efficient and manageable. Visitors can elevate their stay in the city’s many 5 star hotels in London by downloading a range of apps that can help navigate, save money and explore the many facets of the English capital. Whether you’re here for a weekend or a week, these apps and more are perfectly designed to help you enjoy your trip. Holidays require planning, and nothing helps organise like an Android or iPhone application. Below are some of the best you can use in London.


CityMapper is an app that allows you to plan and navigate cities across the globe. London is just one of many focal points of CityMapper, and facilitates train times, underground routes and even cycling the city so that guests of the Hotel near Marble Arch London never get disoriented. The perfect app for those visiting London for the first time, you’ll never get lost using CityMapper and its multifaceted services.


London can be expensive, but DUSK brings you the best discounts on nightlife and bars in the city. From reward points for using the app to blink and you’ll miss them discounts on drinks and food, utilising this bargain app allows you to find new places to eat and drink and might just draw you into the best night out of your life.


Whether you’re stranded without public transport in the city or you’re just looking to get somewhere fast, Uber is your one stop shop for quick, affordable and flexible taxi hires. With great value UberPool rides allowing you to share your ride with others at a discount price, Uber’s flexible car options and rating systems mean that you’ll always be safe and secure when using, no matter the time of day.


Eating out needn’t cost you an arm and a leg and neither will you have to settle for the same old restaurant menus when using TooGoodToGo. This app is environmentally focused, allowing restaurants and eateries to give away their surplus food at the end of the day for discounted prices. With pickups available between specific times of the day, the restaurants, bars and cafes that use TooGoodToGo to minimise their waste changes every week. From restaurants near the Arch to outer city cafes, you’ll never have to eat in the same place twice when using this great value and diverse dining app.


Dice sheds the complicated and impractical booking systems of venue websites and pools all of your favourite gigs, club nights and events in one place. Utilising QR code tickets, informative copy and a wealth of events to choose from, DICE not only makes booking events simpler, it helps you find new experiences that suit your tastes in music, art and culture in general. 


We’ve already talked about Uber, but if you want a more traditional London-centred experience than a standard taxi ride, then the Gett App is for you. Gone are the days where you must hail a ride in the London black cab and Hackney Carriage, now Gett gives you the flexibility and power to book digitally. Leave nothing to chance and enjoy the traditional London taxi through an efficient and easy to use digital service. 

Santander Cycles

You needn’t have an app to use a Santander Cycle but it can make the rental process a whole lot quicker. Santander Cycles are sturdy city bikes that are found at docking stations throughout Westminster and the City of London. Combine sightseeing and fitness by using the app to release your bike without having to navigate the clunky code and receipt system found at the docking stations. Santander Cycles cost £2 for every 30 minutes you use them, a time limit that you’ll usually not exceed due to the frequency of docking stations found throughout the city and the highly streamlined London Cycle Superhighway that connects all areas of the city. 


With plenty of options for car rentals in London, Virtuoso brings many of the best together in one smart and handy app. No lines or waiting around for rental offices to process your request, the app will do it all for you, all whilst charting your water, fuel and mileage so that you can make your trip out of London as environmentally friendly as possible. Whilst you won’t need Virtuo for what will probably be a public transport and taxi-oriented London trip, it can save you time and money when exploring further afield in England.

Hidden London

Your own alternative to a tour guide, Hidden London will provide you with detailed maps and information about areas of the city you might otherwise miss. The Hidden London app is one of the best ways to enjoy the city’s layered and rich history, helping you discover ancient churches and graveyards as well as beautiful public gardens and landmarks all throughout the city.


Combining reviews with booking systems, Stagedoor is an app that is a key to West End and London theatre. Not only does it give you professional and audience insight into the hottest shows in the city, it will help you find unique shows you might not otherwise have seen advertised. There are also many last minute discounts available through the app, meaning that you can pay less to be culturally enriched in the theatrical and literal capital of England.


Never be disappointed with dinner again, OpenTable allows you to filter the many restaurants of London by cuisine type, customer number and budget, helping you plan the perfect restaurant experience. There are menus and reviews available too, so you can find out what quality and atmosphere to expect during your visit.

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