Entertaining and fun things to do near The Montcalm London Marble Arch Hotel

Travelling to London at anytime of the year is always a good idea. It’s also advisable and ideal to book your stay in the central part of the city. This is because most of the happening stuff takes place in and around central London. Booking a hotel in the central part of the city keeps you close to prime transport links, prime London attractions as well as keeps you in the comfort and luxury.

Whether you are travelling with family, kids, with your friends, someone special or alone for work, the Montcalm London Hotel at Marble Arch. Its great locations, cutting edge facilities, high-end services and elegant décor of the hotel and its spacious room will provide the ideal calm and quiet that you are looking for, that too in the heart of the city. The hotel also features a variety of amenities that keep you relaxed and entrained during your stay in the hotel. This is not all, there are numerous activities and attractions that are just around the corner from this hotel. Here’s a list of things you can do when you are staying at this hotel.

Spa at The Montcalm

A holiday is all about relaxing as much as you can. Though visiting a new city and exploring new places is as it is rejuvenating but booking a stay in a spa hotel London just makes it more relaxing and is a great way to shed away all your travel and sight seeing tiredness. London involves a lot of walking and a charming hustle-bustle, to destress from this the luxurious Montcalm spas is at your service, that too in the comfort of your hotel. Offering a range of treatments and facilities you will be able to feel all new here. The spa is run and managed by professionals look after you in the most pleasing way. From massages to facials and sauna and jacuzzi, the spa has something for everyone.

Marble Arch Theatre

A great location, with great services and bar, here you can enjoy a nice musical or play. Just moments away from the hotel, you must catch the play here while you are in London. Check out their website to see get more details about the play as well to book tickets.

Still Water Horse Head Statue

This stunning masterpiece was created by Nic Fiddian-Green and is located in the iconic Marble Arch area of London, again close to the hotel you get a great photograph  with this bronze made gigantic sculpture.

Red Bike Tours

Located close to the iconic Marble Arch monument, you must try and explore the city with this unique touring company. A great wat to explore the city and learn about its history and stories the topur is guided by knowledgeable and local guides of London. With them you will be seeing famous London landmarks and attractions. It’s a great way to enjoy, have fun as well as see the city with your family or partner.

Speakers’ Corner

This unique place is in the northeast corner of Hyde Parkin London, which just a short walk away from the hotel. This is an open-air public speaking place where people debate, discuss and talk about the current or city related issues.

Animals in War Memorial

This great memorial is in Hyde park. This memorial was designed by English sculptor David Backhouse to commemorate the countless animals that have served and died under British military command throughout history. A must explore attraction.

Bond and Oxford Street

A haven for enthusiastic shoppers, the main London shopping street is only a stone throw way from the hotel. You can easily go shopping., come back to the hotel, rest and then again continue shopping in what is known as Europe’s longest shopping street. Benefits of having the hotel close to Oxford and Bond Street.

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