London by Night: where to find the best London nightlife

There are a great many reasons why tourists from all over the world head to London. Some are looking to enjoy the cultural attractions that the city has to offer, while others want to immerse themselves in theatre, great food, and some of the best London hotels with special offers available.

Whatever your ideal trip looks like, filling your evenings is something that will depend on your visiting group and where you’re staying. And while many of the best hotel rooms in London are located right in the heart of the city, with access to the parks, bears, and restaurants near The Arch and nearby Hyde Park, there are no boundaries when it comes to finding the best London nightlife.

In this blog, we’re taking you on a tour of London’s nightlife and what to do in the evenings, whether you’re travelling with family or friends.

London night time activities for all the family

London by night can be a magical experience for guests of all ages, which is why we’re starting this article with the best night time options for all the family.

If you happen to be visiting around the festive period, there are a ton of seasonal events that occur around London all through the Christmas season, which are perfect for children and adults. These include Winter Wonderland the ice skating at Somerset House, as well as the many pop up Christmas markets and fairs throughout the city.

If you’re visiting at any other time of the year, however, don’t stress. There are still plenty of things to do and plenty of opportunities to enjoy a little magic.

The West End is unarguably one of the highlights of any visit to London, with tons of shows available including Disney productions, musicals, plays, and even the odd festive pantomime. Complete a night at the theatre with a pre-theatre dinner package, and if you’re travelling with older children (or no children) enjoy a few drinks in Soho after the show.

Other night time experiences and attractions that are suitable for the whole family include a sunset boat ride along the river Thames, an evening ride on the London Eye, and even an evening tour of one of the museums or galleries during late night hours.

London nightlife for adults

If you’re staying at the Marble Arch by Montcalm or another hotel within close proximity to the centre of London, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are a plethora of nightlife options within walking distance. With options for everyone, from classy bars to the clubs of Soho, informal pubs and clubs packed full of dancers and cheap cocktails, central London is diverse in its community and in the attractions and destinations it offers.

Here are some of our favourites…

Clubs and bars

In the centre of London, you’ll find Soho and the West End, both areas of which are packed full of bars that offer playful entertainment, the UK’s biggest LGBTQ+ club scene, and more than a few venues with live performances and music.

If you’re looking for something high end then head down towards Mayfair where the cocktails are pricey but worth it, and the entertainment is among some of the best you’ll find in London. Alternatively, stick with Soho for more vibrant entertainment and the kind of night out which is perfect for groups of friends.

In fact, some of the bars and clubs in Soho particularly are open until 6am – making this more than just an evening experience.

High end restaurants

Central London is of course home to some of the best restaurants in the whole of the UK, combining luxurious settings with 5 star service and innovative creations from some of the world’s best Chefs. Whether you dine in a hotel restaurant or opt for something outside the box, speak to the concierge at your hotel for recommendations and booking information.

Best nightlife that you can find further afield

The following ideas may be more than a few minutes’ walk away, but the varied experiences that you can find in different corners of London make all of these options worth a visit.


Home to some of the best Caribbean eateries in London, with the up and coming status of South London coinciding and contradicting its former relaxed vibe and exotic atmosphere, Brixton is still a great place to head if you want to enjoy quirky cocktails, great street food, and plenty of music.

Pop Brixton is a great place to go if you’re with friends who can’t decide on what they want to eat and drink, or you can dance the night away at The Blues Kitchen.


Shoreditch is located towards the East of London and can be accessed via taxi, the train, or the underground. It is synonymous with its party vibe and plethora of venues and bars which offer different experiences depending on what you want – whether that’s a pint and a pub, or dancing with your friends. In addition to the standard venues that you will find anywhere, Shoreditch has its fair share of independent nightlife locations which are designed to fuse together drinking and dining with memorable experiences.

Some of the best spots to try out include Trapeze, the East Village, and Junkyard Golf.

Kensington and Chelsea

If you’ve ever watched the reality shows set in this corner of West London, then you will know that it’s all glamour and cocktails at this end of town. From jazz bars to speakeasy themed cocktail experiences, these destinations offer guests a chance to dress up and keep their eyes peeled for famous people and celebrities – all while sipping on a trendy and likely brand-new concoction dreamed up by the barman.

Look out for the 606 Club and Barts for memorable themed nights and try Ritorno for something a little bit glamorous.

All of these bars, clubs, and night time venues prove that London is so much more than a daytime city. Save this article for future inspiration and make sure to look up the names of the spots listed – they really are worth a visit!

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