It’s not hard to find a trendy coffee shop or a fashion boutique in the wide spanning city of London, there’s cool nooks and crannies to almost every borough if you look hard enough. That being said, there aren’t many boroughs with an historic reputation for being trendy. Whether it’s a nearby university bringing in the swathes of young people, or an historic shopping district that gives room to be creative, there are many reasons why the trendy parts of London are so. If you’re staying at the Marble Arch Hotel on London Oxford Street and are looking to escape the city centre for a day, then these areas provide just the respite you’ll need. Each has its own unique personality and offers up a wide range of unique attractions that really give the area its individual character.

Hackney Wick

Based out in the East of London, this area is very easy to reach from areas like Stratford, but retain none of the formers built up commerciality. Hackney Wick is an area of converted warehouses surrounded by winding canals and green parks, all coming together to form a network of music venues, cafes, restaurants and bars. What’s more the vibrant community in live in the area bring even more character,and the nearby Hackney Marshes, Walthamstow Wetlands and Victoria Park offer up some peace, quiet and fresh air from the cities hustle and bustle.


Another East London hot spot, Walthamstow is quickly becoming one of the go to locales for young families and professionals in the city. WIth its burgeoning arts scene, ample coffee shops and mile long market, Walthamstow has plenty to offer its residents. WIth the Walthamstow Wetlands and nearby WIlliam Morris Gallery, you’ll have a lot to keep you occupied on a day trip to this Victoria Line terminus.


Located just a short walk from Hackney, Dalston is a prime nightlife spot. With the queer community having found a home in the many glitzy bars along the high street, the Shacklewell Arms offering up accessible, cheap and raucous punk gigs and the Arcola Theatre offering up progressive performance, there’s plenty to keep the edge on in Dalston.


This Southeast London borough is now a famous hot spot for young people. With its sprawling Rye Wax warehouse complex and countless bars, there’s nothing like a sunny afternoon in the Common and a scorching summer sunset on the concrete paradise of Frank’s Bar.

New Cross

Another Southeast gem which is full to the brim with artsy cafes and venues, New Cross is home to Goldsmiths University, which is an arts university attracting a community of creatives from across the world.

London Fields

If you’re looking for independent specialist shops, then London Fields is the East London spot for you. With its wide range of specialist and independent bookshops, popular barbeque park, and bustling bars and music venues hidden within the labyrinthine lanes and canal walks between Hackney and Cambridge Heath, then London Fields is the perfect weekend escape from the city centre.

Shepherd’s Bush

Shepherd’s Bush has really put itself on the map since many media companies have started moving to the nearby White City. The bustling Shepherd’s Bush is home to a range of wholesome yet character filled British Pubs, as well as famous theatres and the internationally renowned Bush Hall Music venue.

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