9 Reasons to Get Married in London

You always hear stories of people getting married on remote vineyards, or in little barns in the sprawling countryside – it seems the idea here is to get as far away from the city as possible. However, this is not always the best bet and is certainly not the only way to get the personalised, rustic, familial joy that everyone dreams of in a wedding day. There are a plethora of reasons why you should get married in London, but here are some of those reasons condensed into a list of nine.

Your guests can all stay

Yes, a remote countryside village may be picturesque and quaint for all intents and purposes, but it can be a total nightmare for your guests who have to hunt three villages along before they find a room for the night – and best of luck to them finding a local cab that will take them there! However, when you get married in London, the options for your guests border on the “endless” side of the scale. Whether they stay in the Marble Arch London hotel, or at the venue itself, you certainly do not have to worry that your guests are all abstaining from the bar because they have to drive themselves home!

The venues are to-die-for

Some of the wedding venues speak for themselves when it comes to why you should get married in London. A quick scroll through even the online pictures of a number of venues ought to do the work of convincing you – let alone when you get a chance to see it in person! Whether it is the dazzling floral canopies and garden views at Kew Gardens, or the sparkling skyline from the venues within iconic buildings like The Shard, your wedding will feel like it was plucked straight out of the movies.

No immediate honeymoon? No problem.

Young couples are increasingly taking their honeymoons later than their wedding day – it is no longer strict tradition that the couple dash straight off to their honeymoon venue with the cans clattering from the limo as they zoom away. However, it is unlikely that you will want to just head back home immediately after your big night, especially when you are staying in London. Staying in London means you can be staying locally and enjoy a luxury spa in London with your significant other after the wedding, making it feel like a unique treat even without the imminent beach or alpine getaway.


Getting married in London immediately eliminates a whole list of possible wardrobe emergencies on the big day. No matter the fashion-fiasco, London is likely to have a shop that sells something to fix the problem. The soda water has not arrived on time? No problem. Vail ripped? Don’t sweat it, you will probably find a better one on Oxford Street. There is a shop for everything in London, meaning even in crisis-mode you would probably have a fair few options to choose from.

Destination city

Throughout your life, you will have made friends from all over the world who will want to celebrate your big day with you. However, travelling for a wedding can be an expensive getaway, especially to places without much to do or see other than the ceremony itself. London does not and will never have that problem – there is far too much appeal to visit the city. There are no excuses for your loved ones from across the water, as they can make the trip into a full-blown mini break and sight-see, shop and eat their way through the fantastic city of London.

The pictures

Even if your wedding venue is lacking the kind of views advertised in the wedding brochures or on the telly, London has enough of them to go around and you and your guests can take pictures in some of the lovely free venues around the city. For instance, having a little shoot (weather permitting) in one of London’s Royal Parks will make for a photo album for the record books.

The symbolism

Apart from the logistical elements and the luxury of a London wedding, there is of course the symbolism to take into account. London has been the host of a number of some of history’s most iconic weddings. There are of course the royal weddings in Westminster Abbey, the fictional weddings in films like Love Actually or Four Weddings And A Funeral, as well as celebrity weddings like Sir Paul McCartney’s wedding to Nancy Shevell in Old Marylebone Town Hall.

Continued celebrations

If you have chosen London as a destination wedding, rather than being from London, then you and your family and friends are likely going to need places to eat, drink and celebrate before and after the day itself. When getting married in London, this is not even something that can cause any stress because there are so many bars and restaurants near The Arch, as well as scattered across the city meaning you can try a glass of fizz in every borough if you wanted to!

The gifts

While your big day is certainly not only about the gifts, they are a real bonus, are they not? If you get married in London, you could set your gift registry to all your favourite London-based shops, which your guests can get prior to the wedding on arrival. It saves them suitcase-space while ensuring you get all of the incredible things you have had your eye on that are for sale in this shopping district of note!

Your wedding day is such an exciting time for you, your partner and your guests, and nothing can take away from that – having it in London, however, can definitely add to that and can only enhance your experience. It is convenient, at the heart of it – but that is the boring logistical side. Other than that, there are so many reasons, like the beautiful venues, breathtaking views for photo opportunities, and local experiences you can enjoy throughout the celebratory time. Not to mention – if the royals think it is the best option, who are we to argue?

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