Best things to explore in and around The Montcalm London Marble Arch

London is one of the most popular holiday and travel destination for tourists all over the world. It’s history, parks, attractions, varied experiences that appeals to all ages, makes this city one of the most loved one among tourists. London’s real buzz lies in the central part of the city. It is therefore ideal to book a stay here and enjoy all the fun gigs and happenings.

If you are booking a stay in central London, you must stay at the luxurious and comfortable Montcalm Marble Arch Hotel. Located in the heart of the city, this hotel offers great facilities and amenities, cutting edge technology, elegant interiors, spacious rooms and the most ideal location that is close to prime transport links and many popular London attractions. While staying in the lovely Marble Arch area of London, here’s a list of places you must visit and things you must do.

Spa at The Montcalm

Travelling is fun, but one can’t deny that it also makes you stressed and exhausted. After a full day of exploring the city, you need something that helps you relax so that you can enjoy the rest of the days. For this you need to indulge in a nice spa treatment, and to do that you don’t have to go far as the Montcalm Marble Arch is a spa hotel of London. Offering a variety of pampering and rejuvenating treatments in the comfort of your hotel, this experience is a must indulge.

Marble Arch

March Arch the area itself has lots to offer for you to explore. Here you can witness the grand Marble Arch and discover its history. Enjoy the symbolic pigeon time in its yard. Have the most fulfilling shopping experience at Europe’s largest shopping street- the Oxford Street. Shop at many of your favourite brand’s flagship stores, popular high street and luxury brands as well as iconic stores like Selfridges, John Lewis and more. For foodies you are close to the Edgeware Road for delicious Arabic, Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisines. Or you can try the cafes and eateries at Carnaby Street, Christopher Place and more.

Marble Arch Theatre

For theatre lovers this place is a visit and you can experience on the great plays, musicals or theatre act here. Great way to spend time with your family and friends. Plus, it is a good experience to indulge in on a bad weather day.

Still Water Horse Head Statue

This iconic and stunning bronze sculpture of a horse’s head is also erected in Marble Arch. Designed by Fiddian-Green, this sculpture is now a permanent part of the city of London.

Red Bike Tours

Located just a stone throw away from the hotel, this unique touring company and its team of professional guides help you explore London and make you discover the history and facts about famous London monuments, landmarks and buildings. It is a great way of exploring the city and will give you a taste of everything that London is famous for. You can avail special offers at the London hotels.

Animals in War Memorial

Located in Park Lane and the Hyde Park area of London, this memorial was designed by famous English sculptor David Backhouse. This memorial commemorates countless animals who served and lost their lives as a part of the British Army.


What attractions are near Marble Arch?

Attractions near Marble Arch include, The Marble Arch, Speaker’s Corner, Still Water Horse Head Statue, Hyde Park, Oxford Street, Edgeware Road, Animals in war Memorial, Wallace Collection and more.

What are some of the best hotels in London?

Some of the best hotels in London is the Montcalm chain of hotels. These hotels provide great facilities and luxuries in the heart of the London city.

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